Not all Fillers are created equal

| October 2, 2022

Safeguarding Your Aesthetic!

Dermal Fillers are considered a powerful ally in Aesthetic Medicine. Their rise in popularity can be linked with their relative safety, versatile and non-surgical application plus predictable and stable results. However, as with most good things; poor imitations abound. When it comes to safety; one can not risk compromise with black market, off-brand filler products or with inexperienced under-qualified practitioners. Here is what you need to know.

Lifting on a Cellular Level

As we age (and as our environment ages us); various skin structures and components shift. Volume, elasticity, tone, and presentation of muscle, fat, tissue, and bone are usually affected. Traditionally, surgical facelifts were the go-to procedure utilized to counteract unwanted visible ageing but this has changed. Surgical facelifts are down and Non-Surgical Facelifts are on the rise. These rely on the skillful use of one or more dermal filler to restore and renew volume thereby creating lift. Filler enhancements that are congruent with one’s inherent beauty require skillful assessment, gold-standard product, and experience. Results are virtually instant and generally last 4-6 months.

Selection is an Art

Injectable selection is highly specialized. Diverse formulations exist in order to address a wide range of common skin ageing conditions and complaints. Even when formulaic compilation may be similar, products are not. Disparities exist between like. These include differences in density, elasticity, viscosity (fluidness/flow), longevity, and lift-ability (firmness/stiffness/’G prime). Various placement locations require specific filler properties. As an example; no one wants puffiness under the eye therefore an ultra-fine and small particle size will be used, whereas adding volume in the cheek area is likely to be done with a fuller-product type. Your Aesthetic Goals will inform Dr Clark’s selection.

Dermal Filler vs. Skin Boosters

Both dermal fillers and skin boosters contain Hyaluronic Acid (HA) as their main ingredient, but they are used in different ways. In general, dermal fillers are employed for adding or restoring volume as well as smoothing and creating symmetry. They create a rejuvenating youthful look and are essential components in Non-Surgical Facelifts. Skin Boosters are micro-injections of HA which do not penetrate the deeper skin layers. Skin Booster treatments place HA within the upper layers to improve dermal texture and optimize moisture. They are often used in delicate skin regions. They contain fewer binding ingredients therefore creating less volume but they often feature vitamins and antioxidants to promote a healthy and strong intercellular matrix.

It’s about selecting what is appropriate in achieving your Aesthetic Goals from your current state.

Safety as Priority!

Products need to be transported and stored properly to avoid degradation of product-quality. Similarly, product needs to be used before its expiry date and should never be diluted to ‘cut-costs’. Poorly chosen, inferior products, utilized by inexperienced hands can create complications. Black market products may contain additives and impurities that are toxic to health. Poorly placed fillers can result in undue swelling, lumpiness, incongruent results, and a lack of symmetry. Wrongly chosen fillers can lead to unwanted results and disproportionate looking features. These faults can cause stress, are potentially harmful to the skin and body, and often require ‘fixing’ by a suitably experienced doctor. Don’t take risks with your health; choose a qualified, experienced, and reputable Doctor and Clinic to begin with.

What Dr Clark Brings to the Table

Dr Alastair Clark is a respected Aesthetic Doctor located in Sandton.

  • One of only twenty international Global Trainers; capable of instructing doctors internationally on the art and science of aesthetic injection techniques (only South African doctor on this elite team).
  • Executive committee member of Anti-ageing and Aesthetic Medicine Society of Southern Africa.
  • Accomplished in both standard medical practice with over 30 years’ experience before moving fully into Aesthetic Medicine.
  • Designs and delivers courses on a wide array of injection techniques.
  • Presents on the international stage for a wide range of leading Aesthetic Medicine companies.

As an internationally acclaimed innovator and injection technique perfecter, Dr Clark has an intensely trained eye for aesthetic detail. Not only does he understand anatomy; his full knowledge of available products inform his highly curated in-clinic selection. His Clients never compromise on gold standard product or professionally considered advice. He is committed to safety and achieving desired results.

Starting Strong

There is no substitute for informed expertise. Dr Clark begins with Client-consultations. The importance of a detailed Skin Assessment is in the exposing of dermal details. Understanding what is at play already within your skin is vital for addressing things properly. Starting strong at SAI means being solidly informed as to the condition of your skin along with the variety of choices you have in how to move forward. Dr Clark’s observation and guidance is an invaluable tool to assist as you choose where to invest. Educated experts will cost more upfront but they also minimize risk and provide a track record of proven results. While this article shone the light on filler variance; the same is true for peels, laser, PRP, and homecare products. Quality matters! Don’t cut corners with medical aesthetics.

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