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| Oct 30, 2017

Making the most of your free time

The solution is simple: maintain & improve your skin using shorter treatment options that offer zero downtime.

The summer months make for an interesting time at SAI. With holidays around the corner & on everyone’s minds – many clients forgo treatment plans because the hectic schedule of life simply doesn’t allow for extra free time, or will not allow for social downtime. After all, November brings with it end-of-year parties, numerous weddings & other special occasions.

But neglecting anti-ageing opportunities during this time will negatively affect your visible age. Lifestyle events, a few glasses of wine & the outdoors can dampen a year’s diligent anti-ageing treatments within a few weeks.

What we’ve create here is a list of treatments that are ideal for the busy mom/dad or executive who is unable to find more than 30-minuntes & who enjoys being at his/her best. These treatments will not only maintain your skin complexion but enhance your anti-ageing results.

Superficial Chemical Peels

The NEW Milk Peel is designed for a 30-minute total treatment time with zero downtime & it is proven to reduce wrinkle visibility and improve skin radiance.

A focused approach to superficial chemical peels will not only protect your skin from the stress of the busy year-end they will also help invigorate your complexion & minimize the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Milk Peel is on offer this November 2017 but we also have a number of other superficial chemical peel options at SAI to suit all skin types.

Chemical peels would be our number one procedure of choice for those with little to no free-time & who cannot afford downtime. The treatment is painless, will not make your skin peel but it will exfoliate to leave your skin glowing! Make your appointment today to see the how quickly we can make a positive difference to your complexion.

VelaShape III

Sometimes a single treatment is all you that need.

It is too late to undergo any body-shaping surgery, the time of year does not make for comfortable healing & results will not be visible until the new year. However, we can shape & sculpt a body shape with non-surgical means!

VelaShape III will lift sagging skin, tighten lax skin, reduce visible cellulite and eradicate fat all in a single non-surgical session.

VelaShape III treatments can take up to 60-minutes but we have achieved treatment results within 30-minutes, and best of all – you simply get up & walk out the door to your next appointment.

For those looking to keep treatment times within the 30-minute mark we suggest targeted weekly sessions for common areas including:

  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Tummy
  • Bingo-wing arms

Final results will take a few weeks to see but you will notice an immediate skin-tone improvement. You can head off knowing your body is shaping up as you sit in your next appointment. Book now for this body-sculpting solution.

IV Skin Brightening

IV Skin Brightening is popular for many clients wishing to brighten their skin-tone, improve pigmentation issues & lighten their complexion. It is important to note that the IV skin brightening treatments are also a fantastic skin-hydration source!

Remember that an indulgent diet & extended sun exposure will dehydrate the skin & hasten the onset of visible age. The cocktail mix of vitamins will give you a glowing complexion & for the year-end & we recommend undergoing an IV Skin Brightening treatment to help maintain skin moisture through the summer months.

As an added bonus we infuse Vitamin C into our IV cocktail – this is the prefect antioxidant to help combat the nasty effects of that extra glass of wine or day spent in the sun. The IV Skin Brightening session is a quiet session spent relaxing or if need be we can even create an environment such that you can complete some work while your treatment is underway. Book today for a refreshed, healthy & hydrated skin.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of the possible treatments that will achieve a quick turnaround result for this summer. Other procedures could include Microblading or Lash Extensions, or even certain laser treatment options.

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