Introduction to HA Skin Boosters

| July 1, 2021

Power packed with intense hydration, HA Skin Boosters deliver excellent aesthetic rewards.

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What do they treat?

Skin Boosters treat dull, tired, irritated, dry, rough, uneven, lined skin which has lost its lustre and fullness. It can also be used to treat certain types of scarring. Safe for the hands, décolletage, and face. They can be used to target a singular area or skin concern – or even for a full-face treatment.

What do they do?

HA Skin Boosters deliver intense hydration deep within the dermis to plump and firm. The HA delivery process utilized, carries the additional advantage of stimulating collagen production, a key skin firming structural ingredient.

How do HA Skin Boosters work?

HA Skin Boosters work in two ways; via active ingredients and the delivery process.

Active Ingredients – The moisture attracting and retaining properties of HA allow for HA Skin Boosters to provide impressive anti-ageing skin renewal results. HA is a naturally occurring substance within the body whose production declines with age. The choice to supplement it allows individuals of any age, male or female to receive the all-natural beauty benefits it bestows. Through restoration of moisture within skin; volume deficiencies, visible ageing, and numerous common texture complaints can be resolved.

Unfamiliar with HA? Read more in detail about its properties, safety, and uses in this SAI’s Guide to Hyaluronic Acid.

Delivery Process – The act of precisely placing HA for maximum long-lasting hydration benefit entails a series of injections to deposit it inside deeper layers of skin strata. These injections act as controlled micro-injuries which subsequently instigates The Healing Cascade and the accompanying collagen induction.

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What is the procedure like?

In SAI’s state of the art clinic, an initial assessment will be conducted regarding the best way to approach your individual concerns and indications. The procedure during which one receives HA Skin Boosters takes under an hour. Treatment area is first cleaned, and a numbing cream is then applied for client comfort.

Dr Clark will then place the appropriate product with his skill that pioneered & established this as a global treatment. In this regard, SAI Clients receive something quite special. Treatment is not considered painful although there may be brief moments of slight discomfort.

No scheduled downtime is required after an HA Skin Booster treatment and one can go directly back to an activity of their choice following. There may be a minor amount of swelling which will subside shortly. If bothersome it may be camouflaged using product after the first 12 hours post-treatment.

What to expect from results

Results from HA Skin Boosters should begin to appear within several days of treatment. Their results will last around six months – as they empower the skin to better its underlying structures. Visibly, one can expect to see an enhanced dermal appearance with:

  • smoother skin,
  • improved tightness, elasticity, tone, and radiance
  • lessened visible scarring and photo-damage
  • fewer wrinkles and lines
  • prevention of premature ageing and skin damage by dehydration

What are the Advantages of choosing HA Skin Boosters

Raved about for good reason, HA Skin Boosters are non-surgical, long-lasting, and convenient. Great versatility means they can be enjoyed throughout the year!

  • Accessible and suitable for a wide range of treatment concerns, areas, and skin types.
  • Reliant on natural substances and processes and highly effective.
  • Excellent Prejuvenation treatment.
  • A go-to way to bolster against winter dryness and dermal dehydration; and their associated premature skin ageing.
  • Ideal to be paired in support of combination treatments.
  • No downtime needed.

Available Any time!

SAI offers a wide range of proven treatments for skin renewal, including HA Skin Boosters.

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