Aesthetic Trends of 2023

| July 12, 2023

New formulae, new techniques, and newly published research results influence the trends that support health and vitality. Here are the trends with traction making an impact in the Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic world.

Natural & Minimalist Look:

Simpler, skin-minimalism continues to grow in popularity. The goal is fresh-faced, clean, and glowing.

True beauty is unique and enhancing one’s features through subtle treatments is the approach. Less becomes more when natural beauty shines through. This aesthetic target is achieved through treating ageing or disturbed dermal surfaces to restore health. Prejuvenation treatments that stop visible ageing before it appears along with scheduled ongoing treatments to age gracefully are options.

The foundation of Skin Health does not require additions, but it is nice to accessorize sometimes.

  • Dr Clark is on-board and experienced assisting those who desire to maintain or transition into a more minimalist approach and natural aesthetic. Through intentional strategies, he builds Skin Health while addressing and reversing damage. Skin matrix health is bolstered in an unrushed methodical manner. Consult to learn what your personal process would look like.

First Choice, Non-Surgical Procedures:

Dermal fillers and Botulinum Toxin use remain constant but Aesthetic Medicine by and large is offering an expanded palate of non-invasive alternatives to surgery. The desire for reduced risk and downtime without compromise on results is behind the surge in demand for non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Clinical trials showing safe and effective results helps Aesthetic Professionals get on board.

SAI is fully committed to optimizing Client’ results while minimizing risk exposure. For this reason, Dr Clark has made the investment in state-of-the-art equipment. These include:

  • Palomar Laser Suite: Treat scars, stretch marks, veins, loose skin and more.
  • ALMA Harmony XL Pro: Our newest laser suite is registered for and shown to effectively treat 65+ different aesthetic concerns safely.
  • Proellixe Vibration: Contour, tone, improve bone density and more with this technology.
  • VelaShape III: Reduce fat, shape, firm, and tighten.

Emphasis on Skin Health and Wellness:

Gone are the days when an approach of ‘cover up’ was an acceptable recommendation for skin problems.

The prevailing emphasis now is on creating and maintaining Skin Health with a holistic approach to skincare. Active ingredients are a mainstay of a homecare routine for optimized skin health. These are to be weather season appropriate and complimented with minor treatments to address specific trouble spots or concerns.

Through providing nutrients, support, and active ingredients for robust cellular function, the majority of dermal issues resolve naturally. Lifestyle skin support such as sleeping well, hydration maintenance, and a varied whole foods-based nutrition are increasingly recognized as contributing to superb skin health.

  • Shopping SAI store products allows for confidence. All products on offer have been clinically tested for safety and efficacy. All qualify as Cosmeceuticals; a standard of quality not achieved in generally stocked pharmacy skin potions. Our SAI Skincare Team is available to answer questions and assist with selection to ensure you get the best formulae to support your skin goals.

Focus on Sustainability:

Sustainable and eco-friendly practices are important in every sphere of life and aesthetic choices are no different. Clients are seeking eco-conscious choices and wanting to support brands that prioritise environmentally friendly packaging, ethically sourced ingredients, and cruelty-free practices. This shift symbolizes an increased awareness of the importance of supporting companies who share our values and choosing to spend in line with them.

  • SAI stocks only reputable brands that source and demonstrate a proven trail of quality. We are specific in our product and treatment recommendations to avoid wastage and unnecessary expenditures.

Customization & Personalization:

Aesthetics are personal! Over the counter, one-size-fits-all products are a thing of the past.

Highly personalized skincare routines and treatments are the new normal. Each individual has unique genetics, skin history, skin concerns, daily realities, and more that contribute to their skin’s health, balance and appearance. Tailoring skincare regimens makes such good sense we wonder why it took so long to get here! Diagnostic tools allow for highly specialized layered mapping and appropriate treatment recommendations as well as an ability to follow-up and assess results. If you want custom results; your skin routine will need to be personalized.

  • Great skin begins with understanding your unique dermal qualities. SAI provides a free Visia® Skin Analysis which provides you insight into each skin layer. SAI skin professionals are able to assess, diagnose, treat, and recommend.

Embracing Diversity & Inclusivity:

Let’s face it, the beginnings of the aesthetic industry were not inclusive. Research was not inclusive of the wide diversity in skin types and tones. Thankfully, great strides forward have been made in this area and an industry shift has occurred that is still ongoing. From skin defence, homecare, cosmetics, and in-clinic treatments, options are now available for the human range of skin tones and diversity among skin types. Rather than processing individuals towards a pre-set beauty standard; this new individualized approach leans into unique inherent beauty. Highlighting You; is the new territory destination and roadmap to beauty. By changing the destination; perceptions shift and individually inclusive approaches to beauty are the forefront and standard.

  • Located in the vibrant urban South African city suburb of Sandton, SAI ensures comfort and accessibility for all their Clients. Dr Clark has invested in technology that allows for safe treatment across a wide range of Client concerns. This includes but is not limited to our Laser Suite, Chemical Peel formulations, IV Therapy inclusive with the option of Glutathione, and more.

Leading from the Front

At SAI we are firmly rooted in proven industry staples and yet open to innovation that has proven safe and effective for our diverse Client base. We are informed about all the latest in the sphere of aesthetics and yet are discriminating in what we offer at our clinic. Rigorous protocol and safety standards must be met before we recommend any trending treatment, technique, or product. Your health and beauty is of paramount important to Dr Clark and our team. Our job is to ensure you are able to access top treatments safely.


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