Laser in Winter for summer reveal results

| May 4, 2023

Winter has snuck in suddenly! While this chilly season is well-known as the domain of warm soups and comforting cocoa, cosy layers, and snuggling up; it is also an ideal time for Aesthetic Laser treatments. Here’s why.

Top Reasons why Winter is an Ideal time for Laser

  1. Shorter days shield from sun post-treatment.
  2. Less temptation to sunbathe or likelihood to wear swimming costumes or bare skin – keeping sun exposure to a minimum during recovery.
  3. More layers make cover-up following treatment simpler.
  4. Fewer social demands translate into time to treat yourself & plan series of treatments.
  5. Strategic scheduling allows for winter treatments to equal a perfectly timed summer reveal!

What can Laser Achieve?

Two key treatment areas where Laser makes for an impressive impact:

  • Pigmentation; uneven skin tone &/ hyperpigmentation
  • Tattoo Removal

Laser Treatments for Pigmentation Conditions

Laser’s capabilities have developed substantially. While remaining world famous for hair removal, its utilization has grown far beyond this. Current gold-standard laser equipment is FDA approved to treat over 65 separate conditions.

Here are four common pigmentation-related conditions where laser technologies provide a well-priced, minimal-to-no risk, and effective solution.

Sunspots or age spots – These sections of unevenly coloured skin are the cumulative effect of harmful UV light penetrating into and through the dermis. Sun rays stimulate the production of melanin while excessive sun exposure can disrupt important cellular processes regulating hydration, dermal surface tone, texture, and health.

Melasma – An overarching term describing patchy skin that is different in colour to that around it. Melasma can be triggered by certain illnesses, a genetic predisposition, sun damage, and various prescription medication among other things. It is often found to be linked with hormonal fluctuations accompanying pregnancy or the use of oral birth control methods. It does seem to affect women more than men and is often more severe for individuals who possess light brown skin tones.

Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation – The visible symptoms that accompany this condition can either be located on the skin surface (epidermis) or deeper within skin layers. PIH is a reactionary disorder that often occurs after skin injury or irritation.  Causes range from acne, insect bites, rashes, eczema, or allergic reaction. In PIH, an excess amount of melanin is created, making the affected area darker than that of the skin around it. This condition affects both men and women; but those with naturally darker skin tones can be at greater risk.

*Note that the laser equipment utilized by Dr Clark in treating PIH is cited positively in this study with the followingThe most extensively studied device was the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, which has shown promising results based on multiple outcome measures as listed above.”1

Freckles – These small dots on the face, neck, or arms are not necessarily an unwelcome aesthetic feature but can easily become one. Due to the cumulative nature of photo-ageing; as one gets older they may find an increase in the number of freckles on their skin. Freckles are generally more visible on those with lighter skin tones and respond very well to laser treatment.

How does Laser Work in these Scenarios?

The problematic aspect in all pigmentation-based dermal concerns is the overproduction, abundance, or dis-regulation of melanin within skin. Often appearing as flat darker patches of skin, affected areas can also be lighter as well as a wide array of tones in the colour spectrum. In each of the above scenarios, Laser Therapies works through calculated disruption of melanocyte cells and the breakdown of existing melanin. Direct and precise application of specific wavelengths of light into dermal layers achieves this. As melanocyte cells are responsible for producing skin darkening pigment called melanin; this intervention works in two ways. Further melanin production is ceased, and the melanin present is reduced and removed.

In certain instances, an ablative laser may prove useful as they rely on a different mechanism of action which alters the uppermost surface of the skin in order that cell production is stimulated to allow for fresh and new cells to take centre stage. SAI has more than one pigmentation therapy available & will therefore recommend the one that is suitable to you. Clients will be able to move forward with carefully considered choices able to correct the unwanted aesthetic issue with an absolute minimum of risk.

Important Note: If you previously explored Laser treatment and at that time, it was not an option available; it is time to revisit what is possible! Today’s top-range laser equipment is suitable and safe for a wider range of skin conditions and is available for skin tones across the spectrum! Here is a look at SAI’s FDA approved Laser Suite.

Tattoo Removal Via Laser

What’s Possible & How it Works

Seasons change and as they do, the reasons to keep a tattoo may also shift. Regardless of the reason why, state-of-the-art equipment at SAI offers the solution to tattoo’s that are no longer desired. Modern-day tattoos might be more intricate, but they are created in the same ways of tattoo’s of old; the insertion of ink molecules into skin. Laser equipment harnesses pulsed-light to target these ink molecule and break them into smaller sizes which are then able to be removed naturally by the body. Factors that influence tattoo removal include skin tone, the density of the tattooed image as well as the range of colours included. Darker colours were traditionally easier to remove but thanks to the new Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064nm 1 within SAI’s Harmony XL Pro laser – it is now possible to target the lighter range of colours (red, yellow, and orange) and remove them well. Read in-depth regarding tattoo removal in this article here.

How to get Best Results from Laser Treatment.

  1. Choose a qualified medical professional for expert guidance in exploring options.
  2. Avail yourself of gold standard laser machines featuring state-of-the-art technology.
  3. Follow the Doctor’s recommended treatment series.
  4. Plan and schedule sessions.

Eyes on the Prize

SAI offers expertise, access to technology, and Client-comfort. Now is the best time to assess moving forward with Laser. Act now and benefit from of our special discount on Laser treatments.

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