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| Aug 3, 2021

The desire to age naturally and gracefully is held by many, but how is it achieved from a practical standpoint? And is there a middle-ground where subtle natural-looking results exist before going for dramatic results?

Graceful: elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action. 

The Role of Vitality in anti-ageing

Vitality is nearly synonymous with health and beauty. It encompasses numerous aspects of our identity: our intellectual, emotional and physical body and even aspects such as one’s relationships and community.

Determining to invest in one’s own vitality is a conscious decision that can be made anew every day. It can include numerous elements such as; the lifestyle choices we make, the media content we ingest, how we practice self-care and mindfulness, the strategies we employ to de-stress, alongside the ways in which we prioritize our values.

Choosing to challenge oneself in positive ways, embracing lifelong learning, and focus on positively contributing to the things which we can change, can all have a positive affect on how we feel. When we acknowledge our sense of agency and demonstrate a commitment to our values through our decision-making; we build and maintain a vibrant vitality which is noticeable, highly attractive, and timeless.

The Science within the Art of Ageing Well

None of us can fully escape what time does on a cellular level but this doesn’t mean we have to remain passive. Part of retaining our confidence and enjoying ourselves is linked with a healthy sense of self-assurance regarding our appearance. While we can’t stop every little sign of visible ageing from appearing, we can actively participate in the process to slow and diminish time’s dermal evidence.

Here are three treatments that are ideal for those who want to subtly minimize the impact of ageing on their skin.

3 Proactive Gentle Skin Treatments that Optimize Cellular Function

  1. HA Skin Boosters – Supplement and provide intense hydration deep within skin layers. The all-natural HA draws and holds water molecules – the skin is ‘plumed with hydration’ – as such fine lines are minimized and texture is smoothed. Enhanced moisture levels create a healthy glow. Results are a naturally softened even-textured complexion. Ideally, HA Skin Boosters are a scheduled quarterly or bi-annually. Visit our Specials page for package deals offering big savings!


  1. IV Skin BrighteningIV treatment  is calming and comfortable. While hydrating it also delivers a blend of especially selected vitamin supplements to support cellular function. Providing tools for improved physiological function reduces the effects of oxidative stress. This improves multiple health outcomes and carries the significant benefit of naturally slowing the ageing process. This treatment can be enjoyed more regularly than HA Skin Boosters – at 2 to 3 month intervals. It is performed in-clinic while you lay back, relax, and enjoy ‘you’ time!


  1. Superficial Chemical Peels – Gentle Chemical Peels can be used to great effect. Their application releases the skin from dead cells, excess oil, and environmental particulates and brings fresh cells to the surface. This removes blemishes, fights dullness, and minimizes fine lines. Regularly scheduled peels promote healthy cellular turnover. Monthly consistency is key as it induces the fresh cells into the upper stratum. Superficial peels afford a perfect complexion without downtime.

Harness the Protective Power of Skin Science at SAI

Prejuvenation is the approach which staves off skin ageing with protective treatments which empower the skin to retain its youthful qualities. It bolsters dermal defence against stressors from without (sun & season) and from within (stress & physiological disruption). Together the above treatments form an essential part of establishing and maintaining a healthy skin matrix. As such all SAI Clients stand to benefit from adopting this protocol. Give your skin the building blocks to maintain its firm youthful appearance to face Time empowered and free to enjoy every minute!

Does Stress Cause Ageing? Yes, here’s how it affects the skin and which treatments & homecare are appropriate. Read more in this article here.

Dr Clark is a renowned for his work within aesthetic science and treatment. His team at SAI is highly skilled at clinical assessment and application of proven treatments. Book an appointment today.

SAI Specials in August

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