Aesthetic Treatments with your Friends

| July 12, 2023

Together is Better

Life is full of things to savour and enjoy. Friendships are one of these things. It’s time to catch up in person and connect.

SAI is offering paired and group bookings for in-clinic treatments. July 2023’s Special is Refer-a-Friend, which gives you 15% off. SAI will not do group parties due to the loss of professionalism and sanitation in non-purpose-specific settings.

Sharing & Supporting

Investing in one’s health, wellness, and personal aesthetic ought to be a pleasurable and pleasant experience.

SAI is glad to be able to provide a range of aesthetic treatments which are conducive to allowing friend groups to bond, relax, and strengthen their friendships. Individual bookings for groups or pair of friends creates space to catch-up, benefit from shared experience and support as they achieve their aesthetic goals.

Treatments to Enjoy Together

Pair these minimally invasive options with a Ladies’ Day out or lunch. No post-treatment downtime required.

Skin Rejuvenation

Address that sign of stress and discover the anti-ageing benefits of a Chemical Peel with your BFFs. Share the experience while still enjoying a customized peel unique to the individual receiving it. Every peel is performed by a skilled Aesthetician. Compare the process, the results, and the journey of uncovering your glowing complexion. Schedule monthly or annual peels to reverse ageing, create, and maintain vibrant skin all year long.

Body Sculpting

Tackle those trouble spots while supporting and inspiring each other to reach personal Body Goals. Body Sculpting treatments address stretch marks, skin laxity, and cellulite. They are an effective method of non-invasive fat reduction and will work to accomplish your body contouring goals. SAI house’s gold standard equipment and on-hand expert Aestheticians will instruct and encourage. Boost body confidence levels and be empowered to transform your body shape together with your friend(s). Treatment platforms include VelaShape III, ALMA Harmony XL Pro Laser, Proellixe Vibration and Mesotherapy.


Rejuvenate and revitalize your appearance with the expert and strategic use of Dermal Fillers. From non-surgical corrections to subtle supplementation of volume – it is time to be excited about what is possible. Not looking for any change? Practice prejuvenation by optimizing skin moisture levels with micro-droplet hydration. Plan a get-together with friends and schedule a group Skin Education session.

Dr Clark will explain, answer questions, show, and treat each individual solely in line with their needs and safety profile in a safe and relaxed yet professional setting. Leave with improved, smoother, younger-looking skin, shared memories and empowered to maintain your Skin Health with the information gleaned from the educational.

Quality Counts: Custom Care in a Group Setting

Don’t waste time with unproven treatments, dodge practitioners, or disreputable aesthetic professionals. Dr Clark will not compromise on quality regardless of whether you see him solo or as part of a group. The recommendations you receive won’t be based on your best friend’s skin; but on your unique concerns and dermal condition. Choosing to book together will not detract from the personalized professional care you can expect and rely on at SAI. With everything to gain (even a discount with our July 2023) why not try combining your treatment along with a date with your besties.

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