Your Aesthetic Goals & Planning for winter!

| May 5, 2022

The Time is Now

Whether thoughts of planning a winter skincare regime are something new to you or time has simply gone by too fast for you to put a plan in place; we can help! SAI Skin Experts are professionals when it comes to combating seasonal skin woes!

Ideal vs. Making it Happen

Ideally, Dr Clark would recommend a scheduled monthly strategy that builds upon itself with consistent minimally-invasive treatments that address, restore, and protect against the tell-tale signs of dermal ageing. SAI believes in creating long-term Skin Health in order to create long-term Aesthetic Results.

Practically speaking, this simply isn’t always possible. Life happens and when the skin plan becomes an urgent need we discern equitable workarounds that deliver results on the double. If your skin needs love now, start here! This is our simple three step process that can fast track the process of protecting your skin from unwanted ageing this winter, while still prioritizing a holistic view of Skin Health.

Step 1 – Clinic Consult In-Person.

Visit our comfortable and clean Sandton clinic for a Skin Assessment & Homecare Regime Re-adjustment. Discover and gain insight into what exactly your skin needs and the reality of where it’s suffering (our Visia™ Skin Analysis can go layer by layer).

Cherry pick professional products that have undergone clinical trials to ensure that their inclusion of potent skincare actives are balanced to minimise the risk of overstimulation of the skin – yet effective in defending against winter’s cold dry air.

Step 2 – Target immediate skin needs first.

Winter months’ can exacerbate existing weaknesses in your dermal structures and skin’ surface. Dealing directly with these areas as a matter of first concern, allows us to support them before they take further strain – this can carry benefits far beyond the current season. In most instances; Dr Clark will recommend beginning with a series of ‘skin activating’ treatments. These will harness natural processes to rebuild internal skin structures. Dr Clark is highly specific and calculated in his chosen treatment and product recommendations. This is in order to facilitate maximum benefits and actively avoid the trap of overreacting and thus stressing skin with extremism.

Reliable medical aesthetics in this category include:

Superficial chemical peels – these light peels gently work on the upper dermal layers; this is the reason they are referred to as superficial. The results they offer, are anything but! Each peel is formulated on an individual basis to ensure outcomes without downtime. They activate cellular regeneration, combat free radical damage, exfoliate to encourage cellular turnover, hydrate, and restore glow.

IV Skin Brightening – this relaxing and deeply nourishing treatment is luxurious for you and your skin. Through the careful selection of supplementary nutrients, delivered via IV one can become completely refreshed. Skin building blocks are delivered and whole body hydration is achieved. The effects of this are a healthier you with optimally hydrated skin that shows it! For more articles regarding this treatment and its formulations, click here.

HA Micro droplets – HA is a natural humectant substance that the body makes. It is capable of retaining moisture in astounding ways! Its production declines with age and is negatively affected by stressors. Micro droplet HA treatments, performed with skill, can deliver these water-attracting molecules where they will make the most benefit to one’s aesthetic. The treatments can be utilized to correct symmetry, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, plump, and more. Results can be seen nearly immediately and are natural-looking.

Step 3 – Incorporate an appropriate wintertime rejuvenation treatment

Winter holds multiple advantages for certain procedures that are more intensive than normal. These active treatments can offer significant results but to do so, they often incur a recovery downtime. The environmental factors of winter aid the healing process within the recovery period. Minimal UV index, less daylight hours, fewer social obligations, no major holidays, and clothes with more coverage – to name a few. These often work to ensure that a seamless and complete recovery is easier to safeguard.

Medium to Deep Chemical Peels – These peels go beyond the surface layer. Each one is individually formulated and modified in order to suit an individual’s unique type of skin and areas of concern. They employ a variety of active ingredients to aid skin resurfacing, boost internal skin structure, and create fresh new unblemished skin at surface. Winter is an ideal time for these as recovery involves protecting treated areas from UV light.

Laser Resurfacing – Laser technology has come a long long way! It can be used to address and remove blemishes, acne, certain types of scarring, veins, and hyper-pigmentation. Furthermore, the technology now available at SAI has been FDA approved to treat over 64 distinct aesthetic concerns. Treated areas must be kept out of the sun following treatment making wintertime’s fashion and shorter days an asset. If you are interested in new laser technology, please click here.

Dermapen or PRP Therapy – Whilst both treatments use techniques to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin in order to instigate The Healing Cascade and promote Elastin and Collagen production – what they inject into the skin layers differs. Dermapen uses select nutrients whilst PRP Therapy isolates one’s own platelet rich plasma in order to then reapply these biological superpowers to perform their function where needed on the dermis.

Step 4 – Sit back and Relax

Relax and enjoy the benefits of newly treated well-cared for skin. This abbreviated three step process relies heavily on professional expertise to guide product and treatment selection for absolute maximum aesthetic results. When finished; the skin will continue to manifest the desired effects as it adjusts and re-calibrates. Appropriate homecare chosen in Step 1 will contribute to this further. Once the emergency skin care approach has been deployed; a new longer term vision can be curated.

Here at SAI we want to be forward-looking to not only treat specific niggles but also practice preventive prejuvenation tactics. The investment in your skin will pay dividends as a healthy skin matrix sustains itself with minimal interference. SAI builds Skin Health for the future; make yours beautiful.

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