Younger patients starting Botox treatments significantly slow visible signs of ageing

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A comparative Botox study in twins proves what we have all been thinking for some time now – starting Botox before your wrinkles are visible slows the skins ageing process.

In the last two years there has been a significant increase in women in their mid twenties requesting Botox treatments.

The theory has always been that if a 25 year old starts getting treated for the minimal lines they have, and they maintain that treatment protocol they will inhibit the wrinkle formation and the over use in the muscle causing the wrinkle. This then would translate to fewer wrinkles when they get older – even if they stop the treatments.

fewer wrinkles when they get older – even if they stop the treatments.

Now research confirms this preventative theory. The study by Dr W Binder called “Long term effects Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox) on facial lines: a comparison in identical twins” detailed the treatment protocol of identical twins over a 13 year period.

One identical twin was treated three times a year starting at the age of 25, while the other went without any treatment. The results were conclusive:
The treated areas were the Glabellar lines and imprinted Forehead lines and toward the end of the 13 years the Crows feet were treated too.

Researchers found that the forehead and glabellar lines were not evident in the treated twin but were evident in the untreated twin, so too were the crows feet less noticeable in the treated twin compared to the untreated twin. In all the untreated areas of the face (Nasolabial folds) ageing was comparable. Importantly no side effects were indicated.

So what can we learn from this 13 year study?
We can deduce that long term treatment with Botox can prevent and inhibit the formation of facial lines.

So if you are looking at starting your preventive anti-ageing protocol, then start young with Botox treatments. Dr Clark at SAI is very familiar with the study, and has had similar experiences with twins in his own practice. If you are interested in preventative aesthetic medicine then book an appointment with Dr Clark and discuss your options and concerns.

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