Winter Sun & your age

| Apr 26, 2017

Don’t overlook your winter SPF skin needs

It is tough to look outside, face the pale blue sky & barren trees and think about sunblock.

The frigid Highveld winter has us thinking about wrapping-up & protecting ourselves from the winter wind & dry air, but if you take a single piece of advice from us at SAI this winter, it is do not neglect your SPF this winter. Here’s why.

UVA vs. UVB in Winter

In winter, we need to consider & change our perceptions of what exactly is sunburn.

We all associate sun with tanning & skin damage, and we all take necessary precautions to prevent the damaging effects of over-exposure. Many of us, however, do not think about the different types of sunrays & their effects on our skin health & visible age. In winter, we need to consider & change our perceptions of what exactly is sunburn; the difference lies in understanding how UVA & UVB rays reach our skin, and the negative effects they have on our visible age.

UVB Rays: UVB are shorter rays that only reach the earth’s surface when the globe is tilted toward the sun i.e. in summer. UVB rays do not penetrate deep into the skin & are heavily responsible for tanning & sunburn. Due to their short wavelength UVB rays carry substantial energy & we as humans can feel the heat from them and take precautions with SPF sunblock & protective clothing.

In winter, however, UVB rays do not reach earth in the quantities required to cause a sunburn or tan, and without this heat we do not feel it necessary to protect ourselves any longer. But we have not contemplated the effects of UVA rays.

UVA Rays: UVA is a far longer wavelength and this allows these harmful rays to reach the earth in equal quantity regardless of the season. This means that you are at equal risk during summer & winter months, which in turn means that UVA sun damage is just a prevalent during the winter months too.

UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin but what many people do not know is that they also penetrate through car windows & even clothing, making protection against UVA imperative throughout the year.

SAI TIP: Due to the lack of UVB rays in winter we highly recommend that clients undergo skin rejuvenation chemical peels in winter. This timing, effectively halves the sun penetration to your skin allowing for a magnificent skin rejuvenation result. Make sure to find out more about the new NeoStrata Pro System Retinol Peel.

Due to most modern sunblocks being designed to protect against UVA & UVB, we are well protected during the summer months simply because we are actively protecting ourselves against the burning sensation of UVB rays. The key to remember, is that now you should opt to protect yourself against UVA rays with those self-same broad spectrum SPF products in winter too.

At SAI we stock a range of broad spectrum SPF products to ensure that your skin is protected daily, we highly recommend you consider incorporating one of these products into your daily routine, and don’t forget to reapply regardless of season. Your visible age will only benefit!



Altitude & sunburn

Another element to consider this winter is altitude.

In the Highveld we are closer to the sun & face the harmful effects of the sun with more intensity than those at sea level. With less atmosphere to dull the effects of the sun’s rays we take the brunt of UVA rays in winter. That is why we also recommend protecting your skin with daily supplements too.

Crystal Tomato & Heliocare

Both Crystal Tomato & Heliocare offer sun protection on a cellular level.

By stimulating natural skin defences from within – you strengthen cells abilities to protect themselves from harmful UVA & UVB rays. This means you are far less likely to suffer from pigmentation issues caused by sun damage, sun and age-spots from previous damage & of course skin cancer too. You can read more about oral sun care supplements here.

Special Offer

SAI is offering a Crystal Tomato & SAI SPF 50 combo deal this May 2017, but you should also explore the online store for products that suite you daily lifestyle needs.

Bundle Deal: Crystal Tomato Supplement & SAI SPF50 Sunblock

If you are looking for SPF advice, please call our rooms to discuss your options, leave a message on Facebook or chat to either Dr Clark or your skin therapist during your next appointment.  Call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 today.

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