Winter Skin Packages

| May 28, 2021

Aesthetic Opportunities during Colder winter months

For many, the winter months often feel like a time to hibernate and snuggle up till spring arrives; but this season holds valuable opportunities for improving one’s aesthetics.

Put the ethos of Prejuvenation into practice with regularly scheduled treatments, and cure long-standing skin woes.

Winter offers an ideal time for more aggressive &/ multiple session treatments. Invest in any aesthetic package valued R4900 or more to receive SAI’s Glyco Lactic Creamy Cleanser  or SAI’s Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum as a free gift. Click here for SAI’s June 2021 Specials.

What are Winter Skin Packages capable of?

Winter Skin Packages ( also known as treatment-series ) have been especially created by Dr Clark and his team at SAI to make the most of the season’s environmental factors.

  • Initiate Prejuvenation goals
  • Correct underlying skin issues
  • Treat symptoms of sun damage or dermal disrepair
  • Optimize cellular function
  • Restore moisture
  • Resurface
  • Eliminate visible ageing.
  • Form personalized professional homecare habits
  • Save money

Don’t hide away this winter. Bare your bare skin to SAI professionals and feel beautifully confident this spring.

Popular Winter Skin Packages

1. Complete Facial Treatment – via Fractional Laser – Three Treatment Sessions

Fractional Laser harnesses the power of light to regenerate skin. Specific wavelengths reach deep dermal structures in a grid-like fashion. While the upper surface layers are left bypassed; the deeper stratum is intensely targeted. The Healing Cascade begins in earnest, stimulating Collagen and Elastin production for beautiful outer skin from within.

2. Skin Rejuvenation Package – via Dermapen – Six Treatment Sessions

This gold standard micro-needling treatment restores a well-functioning skin matrix translating into enhanced absorption of active ingredients and better moisture retention within dermal layers. Dermapen utilizes patented technology to improve the overall appearance of skin; and is capable of treating acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation irregularities, and sagging. Precisely calibrated micro gauge needles enter the skin at an exact 90-degree angle causing ‘micro injuries’. These in-turn prompt the skin recovery process, leading to the formation of smoother and firmer skin with very little (if any) downtime required.

3. Body Shaping Package – via VelaShape III – Three Treatment Sessions

Create the contours you desire and achieve the shape you want with monthly 1hour long treatment sessions of VelaShape III. NASA first employed this technology to assist astronauts with maintaining muscle tone while conducting zero-gravity missions. The Aesthetic world quickly realized the potential and added it as a low-risk, non-invasive body shaping treatment . VelaShape III is effective at tightening and sculpting, no sweat required. Multi-package treatment options offer cost-savings for Clients seeking to take advantage of all that VelaShape III treatment provides.

Understanding the Prejuvenation Pay-off

Prejuvenation is defined by a switch from the traditional focus on remedial aesthetic treatments to a new embrace of pro-active preventative treatments. Keep your skin youthful for longer, nourished and protected.

  • a healthier dermal foundation
  • an arrest of visible ageing
  • early treatment of skin conditions
  • mitigation of more drastic measures that would incur significant downtime.

In circumstances where significant signs of ageing may already be apparent, Dr Clark may recommend beginning with more intense treatments designed to create a desirable ‘clean-slate’. This then allows for Prejuvenation strategies to be applied with more successful long-term results.

Keep the Goodness Coming

Ongoing care helps maintain results and achieving long-term aesthetic goals. Regular implementation of proven therapies staves off drastic intervention, keeps confidence high, and ensures a glowing beautiful complexion.

With this in mind; SAI has created year-round packages for the discerning Client who is committed to investing in feeling and looking their best. These include both IV Skin Brightening  & Superficial Chemical Peels.

Should you have any questions, please call SAI on 011 883 3116 / 060 718 2178 or click here for our Contact Us page.

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