Winter Homecare

| May 30, 2018

Don’t delay… make changes today

There are simply not enough individuals making sufficient changes to their winter homecare regime to halt winter induced skin ageing.

At SAI we wax lyrical about the effects that the dry winter has on our skin: from dry wind, & the cold constriction of vessels within the skin to the change in clothing & other lifestyle habits one cannot underestimate how negative the winter can be on anti-ageing ambitions.

As such we have selected four products that should be introduced to your winter skincare protocols to aid your skin with skin hydration, barrier layer protection & inflammatory responses.

These four products are all available via the SAI Online Shop

SAI Skin Resurfacing Lotion

The best of both worlds, ideal for winter; the SAI Skin Resurfacing Lotion helps remove dead skin cells caused by the dry winter quickly, but it also aids with skin hydration to correct moisture levels lost due to the dry highveld air.

You need to remove external skin cells to keep your skin barrier function working optimally but many exfoliating lotions strip the skin of moisture in the process. We have corrected this problem with key ingredients including Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil.

SAI Skin Resurfacing Lotion

SAI Hydrating Day Repair Cream

Most clients admit to not changing their moisturizer cream with the winter months. We understand that it is easy to overlook this change and that one gets comfortable in the daily routine.

The SAI Hydrating Day Repair Cream covers all the winter bases & more. Key ingredient Vitamin B5 helps moisturise the skin for all day hydration but also to assist the skin barrier function that plays a role in protecting your skin & visible age from environmental factors like wind damage, cold vascular constriction & friction against clothing.

SAI Hydrating Day Repair Cream

SAI Skin Calming Serum

Dry air & dehydrated skin will severely damage your stratum corneum & protective barrier layer. This is due to the wind, scarves & dehydration – as such your skin becomes sensitive which leads to irritation & inflammation.

Inflammation plays a massive role skin ageing as inflammation reduces cellular communication & cellular turnover. We always recommend post-treatment to undergo anti-inflammatory homecare treatments, similarly you need to think of your winter skin as in a constant state of post-treatment stress. Through winter you will need to calm irritated skin.

SAI Skin Calming Serum

SAI Pure Collagen Renew

We all know the benefits of introducing collagen into one’s diet. It benefits the skin, bones & joint mobility – a daily supplement of SAI Pure Collagen Renew will also provide your skin with the tools necessary to build skin thickness which is often damaged by winter dehydration.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that we are putting collagen back into the skin. This is beneficial throughout the year as we lose collagen due to chronological ageing but poor lifestyle choices in winter hasten this process.

SAI Pure Collagen Renew

If you have specific questions about your personal winter skincare, feel free to ask questions via our Facebook page, or if you would like to book an appointment to talk through your exact skin needs please call SAI on 011 883 3116 today.



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