Winter Dry Skin Solutions

| June 29, 2017

How does dry skin influence your pigmentation & visible age

The most influential visible age risk through winter is skin dehydration. The Highveld in winter offers no moisture to the skin; in fact the cold air & dry winds sap your skin of moisture irrespective of how tightly you wrap up. We cannot overlook our daily SPF & homecare regimes and we must understand the importance of making small changes to avoid skin dehydration in Winter.

There are various treatments on offer but many of the solutions to dry winter skin can actually be found within your daily routine.

Dehydration & Skin Age

You must remember that a youthful skin displays characteristics of elasticity & plumpness / volume.

This is thanks to a youthful abundance of collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid (HA) – all of which are made up of mostly water.

When your skin is dehydrated you not only damage your skin but you negatively impact your skins ability to remain plump & elastic. Dehydrated skin minimises the cells ability to communicate properly which knocks-on to the inability to recover properly & your skin becomes dull due to a lack of collagen in the skin.

Without restoring moisture levels quickly your skin will become susceptible to wrinkles. Skin folds that would not normally be visible under skin homeostasis will become permanent fixtures & extra pressure will be places on existing wrinkles simply due to the lack of supporting mechanisms in the skin. Then the only option for you is to turn to the treatments that can reverse these visible signs of ageing. We want to prevent this for many reasons; one of which is that healthy skin is the best scaffold for anti-ageing treatments.

Dehydration & Pigmentation

With much winter emphasis placed on the perfect complexion we must point out that a dry skin will also create an environment that easily leads to an uneven pigmentation.

Dry skin becomes itchy & thin. Combine scratching an itchy dry skin & wiping a cold nose with a thin & poorly functioning skin and you create a scenario where hyperpigmentation from inflammation is common & very likely. This is a risk that is easily avoided by maintaining good skin hydration levels.

Without proper care your skin will lose moisture & you will open your skin to hastened visible age, but there are a few solutions:

Change your Moisturiser

During a dry winter, your skin is losing moisture to the air. The cold air & hot showers combine to create an environment for skin-dehydration. This means that you need to find a solution that you can control & create a scenario whereby your skin has an excess of moisture to compensate for what will be lost throughout the day.

An easy step is to change your moisturiser or to change your moisturiser routine.

  1. Change to a thicker cream: you may want to introduce a richer & thicker moisturiser cream to your daily routine.
  2. Moisturise more often: if you are satisfied with your creams & are wary of what a change in homecare products would do – then we suggest that you moisturise more often though the day. This does depend on your lifestyle but sometimes a simple second cleanse & moisturiser application will make a world of difference.

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Diet & lifestyle affects your skin

Holistically we must remember the influence that lifestyle & diet has skin health.

Winter is often the time for long baths & rich food, plus many of us forgo the sunblock… bad move. We are not suggesting stopping all this feel-good living but to be aware & take precautions to avoid moisture loss & premature skin ageing.

The most effective Hydration Treatment Option

Possible the most successful moisturising skin rejuvenation treatment on offer globally is the Teosyal RHA1 treatments. This treatment literally restores hydration levels to youthful levels by injecting micro-droplets of hyaluronic acid into the deep dermis. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in the skin and as we age we lose the ability to produce our own, which is obviously worsened by skin dehydration & lifestyle.

Teosyal RHA1 replenishes Hyaluronic Acid levels in the skin to reverse ( & prevent future ) dehydration.

Should you be suffering from dehydrated skin or a longstanding battle with maintaining moisture then this is the ideal treatment for you.

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There are many other skin hydration options available to you, and the purpose of this article is not to scare but to educate just how dangerous a dehydrated skin can be to your visible age. Our team of therapists & Dr Clark are available to offer their best advice on how to achieve healthy skin that reflects elegance & vitality. To book your appointment or to get some homecare advice please call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 today.


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