Winter Body Shaping

| May 30, 2018

Healthy habits form the foundation to loving your figure.

Regular exercise, nutritious meal choices, and avoiding sugar and alcohol in excess are the perfect place to start.

As we age it may become apparent that sometimes stubborn fat deposits, skin irregularities, and niggling cellulite concerns fail to respond to even our best lifestyle efforts. When this happens, professional treatments can be a key to overcoming what’s blocking the path to achieving one’s Aesthetic Goals.

Attain your perfect Silhouette this winter

Body Contouring can alter your shape and make unsightly cellulite disappear!

Take advantage of the cool temperatures and clothing layers to accomplish goals – cold weather creates the perfect opportunity to contour in comfort! When spring and summer arrive, you will be ready to peel off the layers and WOW with your new figure and smooth skin. Here’s our suggestion for the ideal protocol to get the figure that you dream of.

A Calculated Approach Equals Curves you Want

A complete shaping strategy includes taking advantage of technology to boost your endeavours.

  • VelaShape III package

VelaShape is a non-invasive and non-surgical Aesthetic Treatment that is capable of both reducing the circumference of your waist and reducing cellulite. VelaShape promotes and stimulates the growth of new dermal structures, including collagen.

While single treatment sessions are available, 3 sessions are recommended for the best results. The technology used by VelaShape utilizes three components; Infrared light, radio frequency and the creation of a vacuum. Infrared light heats the focal area, the RF guides the heat safely where it needs to go, and vacuum technology ensures skin is directly placed for focussed treatment.

Together these elements reach and deep-heat fat cells and surrounding tissue to create lasting change. Treatment with VelaShape can create smooth, firm skin and help with losing stubborn centimetres where you want to most.

  • Proellixe Vibration Package

Proellixe Vibration delivers a vibrating tilting motion that causes minute muscle contractions. These contractions and their affects are known as “non-impact muscle toning”.

Non-impact muscle toning can decrease cellulite, assist with weight loss, improve bone density, and increase circulation. Best results are achieved through a set of treatments bi-weekly initially and done monthly thereafter.

Conveniently for those with busy schedules, effective treatments can be completed in only 10 minutes and require no downtime and no sweat. Proellixe’s gentle yet effective motions make it accessible even for those with back pain and spinal concerns.

Winter Shaping Special

This winter, SAI has created a special Body Shaping package to ensure that you can indulge in a body shaping makeover, benefit from advanced technologies, and save money too!

This complete package couples VelaShape III technology with Proellixe Vibration technology and adds the specialized treatment of Mesotherapy to target cellulite.

  • 4 X Velashape (every two weeks) R7040
  • 4 X Prollixe (every two weeks, before each Velashape session) R320
  • 4 X Mesotherapy Cellulite (every two weeks, after each Velashape session) R6040

Normal Price for these is R13400
Package Price less 15% is R11390

Specialized Treatments

Address and eliminate new or longstanding concerns such as cellulite, stretch marks, scarring, or other imperfections this winter with a focused attention.

While Aesthetic Treatments can be done at anytime, some require downtime and involve staying out of the sun to promote faster healing. This makes them a great choice for the shorter, chilly days of winter.

5 Treatments that go better with winter

  1. Dermapen Face and Body
  2. Pigmentation OPL
  3. Non-Ablative Fractional Laser
  4. Vein Treatment
  5. TCA Chemical Peels

Be proactive and book a consultation with us today. Enjoy your new shape by spring!

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