Why Dermapen is an ideal Prejuvenation treatment

| February 27, 2020

Now and Forever; a long-term approach to Aesthetics

Prevention is the key to many things; retaining your aesthetic image is certainly one of these.

A Millennial approach to aesthetics includes taking one’s health and beauty wellness seriously. This translates into being proactive in preventing skin damage and delaying visible ageing.

When done correctly, Prejuvenation is a scientific and common-sense approach to achieving your anti-ageing goals now and in the future. One could consider it a sort of anti-ageing insurance, but one that is guaranteed to provide a positive pay-out.

What Defines Prejuvenation treatments?

Prejuvenation treatments weave prevention and rejuvenation mechanisms together synergetically. For a procedure to be categorized as a Prejuvenation Treatment, it must be aimed at preventing, delaying and reversing the signs of ageing in a minimally invasive and non-surgical way.

While not all aesthetic procedures meet this definition, several popular and established treatments do.

*Dermapen is an ideal Prejuvenation investment: Save on a Dermapen Package (which includes complementary homecare: SAI Pure Collagen Renew & SAI Creamy Glyco-Lactic Cleanser) with SAI’s March Special.

Two Essential Elements within a Prejuvenation Treatment

Understanding the intracellular skin matrix and what causes skin to lose its structural integrity, tone, and youthful qualities – can be used with foresight.

  1. Ongoing Mechanism of Action:

    Minor treatments, when done on an ongoing basis – harness cellular function to effect and achieve long-term aesthetic goals. By addressing the natural ageing process on a regular basis – you can facilitate and stimulate cellular function that will fight against visible ageing from developing.

    Examples of ongoing mechanisms of action include; prompting cellular turnover, assisting with optimal moisture retention, and boosting skin essentials vital for h4 stable dermal structures.

  1. Build; don’t Breakdown:

    The best Prejuvenation treatments intervene to build upon existing healthy skin structures while minimising any dermal degradation. This goal should coincide and accompany the aim and intention of personal lifestyle choices and daily beauty routines.

    Avoiding unhealthy habits known to breakdown the dermis, will make Prejuvenation treatments have a larger and longer positive impact. Professionally formulated homecare products and routines targeted to specific skin type and condition will contribute likewise in an equally meaningful way.

Prejuvenation Pinnacle

Ideal Prejuvenation Link What’s New. treatments should therefore see that Collagen and Elastin induction takes place and that moisture is consistently introduced into the skin.

Dermapen; A Focus Prejuvenation Treatment

Dermapen is an ideal Prejuvenation treatment because it successfully achieves all of the above. It stimulates Collagen and Elastin production, delivers vital skin nutrients and provides moisture. Collectively, these actions ensure cellular health and robust cellular functioning.

Other Prejuvenation treatments include but are not limited to:

  • IV Drips & Skin Boosters (which serve as excellent supplementary treatments.
  • Body Sculpting
  • Laser Therapies

*All Prejuvenation treatments ought to be supported with skincare basics which include: sun block, daily cleansing and seasonally-appropriate moisturiser.

Sandton Aesthetic Institute’s Aesthetic Clinic

Invest in renowned professional-grade products because you should not be putting below-par chemicals, to be absorbed by your body, on your skin. Some things in Life you save on, for others – you get what you pay for.

Dr Clark and the team at SAI are leaders in preventative procedures capable of creating beautiful aesthetics for the future. State of the art equipment, skilled experts, and a comfortable low-key setting all combine in SAI’s Sandton clinic.

If you are ready to stop researching and start your Prejuvenation – make an appointment today for a personnel assessment; something you can’t get from the internet.

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