What is mesotherapy?

| September 16, 2014

nctf-box-openWe have officially made it! Spring is here and at SAI, we could not be happier! Spring is a time of renewal and endless possibilities, when you can choose to treat yourself and aspire to look and feel even more beautiful…

We are so excited about our September campaign for it is all about giving your skin the very best with superb skincare innovations and the most efficient anti-ageing treatments on the market.

First up is mesotherapy! Have you ever heard about it? It has become a highly requested procedure at SAI for it improves our patients’ skin from the inside out, providing it with precious nutrients and slowing down its ageing process.

If you would like to know more about mesotherapy or inquire about the other treatments and procedures we offer at SAI, please call our rooms on 011 883 3116 or visit our website.

What is mesotherapy?

A mesotherapy procedure consists of multiple injections of microscopic quantities of homeopathic medications as well as vitamins, minerals and amino acids into your skin.  The goal is to replenish all those key ingredients which our skin needs to stay young and healthy. That being said, mesotherapy can also be used to treat cellulite but we will not be talking about that aspect in this article. However, if you wish to learn how mesotherapy can treat cellulite please see the following or feel free to call our rooms on 011 883 3116 and we will gladly assist you.

meso400With mesotherapy, we can help you with the following conditions:

  • Dull skin / loss of brightness
  • Dehydration
  • Sagging skin
  • Loss of density and overall skin tone
  • Loss of suppleness
  • And to also treat the effects of excessive sun exposure.

Most of our patients request mesotherapy to improve the following areas:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Hands

Are you a good candidate for mesotherapy?

The substances injected during a mesotherapy session at SAI are natural. This means that it is a procedure suitable for most individuals. Of course, allergies and medical history will be discussed at length during your consultation to ensure your safety.

However, mesotherapy is not the best option if you are looking for a procedure which goal is purely to erase deep lines and wrinkles. To achieve this, you should rather opt for dermal fillers or Botulinum toxin injections which will give you the results you desire. Read more about Botox and dermal fillers treatments

What is a mesotherapy session like?

The mesotherapy procedure at SAI usually takes about 15 minutes and is virtually pain-less which means you will not need an anaesthetic.

During your mesotherapy session, the doctor will administer the chosen ingredients using a hand held device that she will gently pass onto the treatment area(s). Our patients report a mild tingling sensation but no pain.

meso200At SAI, we use the Filorgameso-needling system which is one of the most advanced rejuvenation procedures and gives our patients amazing results every single time. Why we love it so much is because of its unique combination of NCTF and a sterile single-use medical roller, which is endowed with CE marking.

NCTF, the best poly-revitalising complex, with a formulation based on free hyaluronic acid (the key ingredient of dermal fillers) with 53 nutritive elements that stimulate cellular metabolism activity. This means that your skin is injected with the best rejuvenating potion possible!

What’s more, the needles on the handheld device, by causing “micro-injuries” to the skin also induce a highly beneficial process of skin repair, which in turn stimulates collagen production and micro-circulation.

The Mesotherapy Results

Mesotherapy consistently offers our patients natural and progressive results that remain subtle yet noticeable. You will simply look refreshed and healthy but definitely not like you had anything done. The aspect that our patients enjoy most about mesotherapy is that the improvement of your skin’s quality is progressive and accumulative so you can expect to notice constant improvement, months after months.

After your first mesotherapy session, you will notice that your skin is more hydrated and clearer, overall more radiant.

Your mesotherapy course (usually 3 sessions) will rapidly enhance the quality of facial skin but also particularly the skin of areas of the neck and décolleté.
As the weeks go by, you will enjoy a more even skin tone as well as tightening and wrinkle reduction (this is due to the hyaluronic acid).

We hope that you found this article on mesotherapy informative? Remember to visit our website http://www.sandtonaesthetics.co.za/ and contact us on 011 883 3116 to book an appointment or to simply find out more about our available treatments.

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