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| August 26, 2013

Body Treatments & Sculpting

Spring is here and so too are strappy dresses and the prospect of fun summer days in the pool or on the beach. We love spring and the endless possibilities that the new blossoms bring… often though we get an influx of patients needing a quick fix to get them into summer shape.

It is easy to hide under a few layers of clothing in winter, but come summer you want to show off your curves and the best advice we at SAI can give is get your body shape treatments started now. This is how we can get you your perfect summer body.

LipoKontur – non-invasive, no downtime body sculpting

Superb results for Buttocks, Love Handles, Upper Legs, Abdomen and Upper Arms.

Through August we posted on our Facebook page, Blog and Newsletter all about this revolutionary body-sculpting device.

If you are fighting diet and exercise resistant fat but do not want the recovery and pain associated with liposuction surgery, then perhaps LipoKontur at SAI is your best body sculpting option.

LipoKontur combines three elements to help you achieve your dream body:

  1. Shock therapy
  2. Hyperthermia therapy
  3. Lymphatic drainage

The process involves multiple technologies to produce the promised results. The three processes involve loosing the fibrous matrix of tissue making for stubborn deposits of fat. Once the tissue is treatable the LipoKontur technology will liquefy the diet and exercise resistant fat before stimulating lymphatic drainage to rid the body of your unwanted fat. A single treatment is sometimes all it takes and the process is over within an hour.

There are additional benefits from the multiple technologies that include:

  • Body sculpting
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch Mark treatment
  • Skin tightening

The body treatments offer superb results for Buttocks, Love Handles, Upper Legs, Abdomen and Upper Arms. The face and neck treatments improve the ageing skin, rejuvenate sagging skin and can treat eyelid, jowls and both deep and fine wrinkles, with the skin tightening and collagen stimulation from the hyperthermia treatment phase two.

Make your appointment now with Dr Clark at SAI for your LipoKontur treatment for your no scarring, zero downtime and non-surgical route to your ideal body.

VelaSmooth – Award winning cellulite treatment

vellaWhat if we told you that you could safely and effectively treat your cellulite before summer kicks in? What if we told you that you could do it without any downtime, would you believe us? Well believe it!

VelaSmooth is an FDA approved cellulite reduction treatment. This means the treatment protocol, safety profile and results have passed the most stringent tests to ensure satisfactory results.

VelaSmooth combines Radio Frequency and Infrared Light to treat the cellulite condition. VelaSmooth is a negative pressure treatment that in essence heats and oxygenates the cellulite treatment site to reduce the size of the fat chambers, leaving you with a smoother, shapelier and cellulite free result.

The additional benefit of undergoing VelaSmooth treatments include:

  • Lymph drainage
  • Improved circulation.

You will need to undergo a series of treatments, but the team at SAI will customise a program to suit your needs and budget. Remember there is no downtime when undergoing VelaSmooth cellulite treatments so you can visit SAI and return directly to the office with no pain, redness or swelling.

Dietician – Nutrition for anti-ageing and beautiful bodies


At SAI we promote healthy living and nutrition to minimise skin ageing and reverse the signs of visible age.

At SAI we promote healthy living and nutrition to minimise skin ageing and reverse the signs of visible age. Nutrition and body type play a massive role with regards to the quality of your skin and can serve to slow your chronological ageing. The key element is to match your body, nutritional requirements and desired outcomes with the scientific approach of our SAI dietician.

The wonderful benefit of working with our dietician is that your program will include ideal weight calculations and your will be provided nutritional support to match your personal body shape goals, whilst improving your skin quality.

You combine nutrition and our body sculpting and cellulite options and your summer dream body will be ready for the bikini.

Of course this approach does take time and that is why we implore you to book your dietician appointment now. The benefits are endless.


Be it for a full body makeover or a simple change to your appearance, the team at SAI want to give you bikini confidence. Visit Dr Clark and his team today and let them design a customised treatment program to get you in shape, cellulite free and looking your best this summer. Call 011 883 3116 NOW.

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