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| May 27, 2017

Your winter Skin Booster

The seasons of colds & flu make Vitamin C a popular topic in every household as it has long been associated with improved immunity. However, this winter Vitamin C is becoming a skincare buzz-word within the pages of glossy magazines, and for good reason. There is now significant research proving the benefits of Vitamin C in your skin.

Vitamin C is not only a key component in your body’s ability to produce collagen, it also acts as an incredible anti-oxidant that helps skin recover (to an extent) from sun-damage.

Vitamin C & Collagen

As a base benefit we cannot overlook the importance Vitamin C plays with regard to collagen. As we know collagen & elastin are the building blocks of a healthy & youthful appearance. Vitamin C not only helps in collagen development within the skin, it also protects this prized ‘youth-asset’.

Further studies were of course conducted to clarify the effect that topical Vitamin C could have on one’s skin, to establish if topical applications could have a marked impact on visible age…

The results proved that topical application of Vitamin C did improve collagen synthesis, and played a role in slowing the degradation of collagen from lifestyle elements affecting age.

Vitamin C as an Anti-Oxidant

Neutralizing free-radicals in the skin should be an important part of everyone’s anti-ageing habits. Free radical formation is a natural process, part of chronological aging, but our lifestyle choices absolutely affect our visible age by increasing the presence of these damaging free-radicals.

NOTE: A free-radical is a molecule without an electron – this makes them unstable, and very destructive. They damage cells from the inside out irrespective of where they are in the body but this is visibly noticeable in the skin.

Vitamin C is an incredible anti-oxidant capable of eliminating free-radicals in the body. We do have natural enzymes to reduce the lifespan of free-radicals but as mentioned earlier, lifestyle choices (alcohol, excessive sunlight exposure, sugar etc.) can cause pre-mature ageing.

It was discovered that by introducing an anti-oxidant with a low molecular weight like Vitamin C, we could boost the cells ability to protect itself from free-radical damage.

Vitamin C will donate an electron to the free-radical, effectively stabilising the molecule & eliminating the damage. The trick is to help the body by applying Vitamin C topical creams that can prevent free-radical damage, it is thus an anti-ageing ally.

Homecare Skincare & Vitamin C

By introducing a Vitamin C cream into your daily routine you can by no means live carelessly but you should rather combine a healthy living & eating plan with your active homecare range for the best results in eliminating free-radicals. We have selected a few homecare options below that all assist with eliminating free-radical damage and promote a healthy skin-matrix.


NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum – apply the Bionic Face Serum directly after cleansing to protect your skin from day-to-day free radicals while creating a healthy skin matrix for improved hydration. By following the homecare instructions you can also expect to improve skin laxity & reduce fine lines & wrinkles.

Dermaceutic K Ceutic Cream – this is a fantastic option for individuals who suffer from su- damaged skin, or are looking to for a post treatment recover cream. Boasting both Vitamin C & Vitamin E. K Ceutic will limit the visibility of redness & combat inflammation.

NeoStrata Pigment Controller – although this pigment controller only boasts minor quantities of Vitamin C, it is a superb option for those looking to target the formation of dark sun spots from forming while attacking free-radical damage as part of their homecare regime.

Dermaceutic C25 Creampossibly the most powerful anti-oxidant homecare cream in this list – C25 is designed to eliminate free-radical damage while improving skin radiance. The bonus of the ingredients formula is that C25 will also help stabilise your complexion for a smooth & even skin tone.

NeoStrata Pigment Gel – as with the Pigment Controller; this gel is designed to eradicate the formation of pigment in the skin to reduce the risk of an uneven pigmenting & irregular complexion occuring. Vitamin C does play a role in this process but the added benefits listed above ensure that it makes the list of products to explore if pigmentation is a skin issue for you.

NeoStrata Bionic Eye Cream Plus – as the name implies Bionic Eye Cream is designed to offer the benefit of Vitamin C to the delicate eye area. As such concentrations are lowered but application twice daily will have a fantastic effect on your crows’ feet & eye wrinkles.


Vitamin C as you can see is a wonder ingredient! By harnessing its molecular weight & positive anti-oxidant properties it may be safe to say that Vitamin C could be one of the most important topical cream ingredients in your homecare range.

If you are ever unsure about the quality of a product or question the claims made on the packaging, please feel free to call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or simply make an appointment for a comprehensive skin assessment & an anti-ageing skincare plan.

Alternatively, feel free to complete the SAI online skin assessment here to meet your skin needs.

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