Visia™ Skin Analysis 

| July 5, 2017

A Unique & Scientific Approach to Skin

Make the most of cutting edge technology that uses science to help produce the even-toned, glowing, blemish-free, skin you desire.

Doctors and Skin Specialists at SAI utilize the science of Visia™ Technology to provide you with a detailed assessment of your different skin layers such that appropriate treatments & homecare are selected.

How Visia™ Skin Analysis  Works

Visia™ provides in-depth feedback using sophisticated photo-technology. It does not depend on the naked eye and this means nothing gets overlooked. After a Visia™ facial skin scan you will be provided with a detailed assessment of the following:

• Existing Sun Damage
Pigmentation Type & Distribution
• Pore Size
• Dermal Texture
• Acne
• Scar Maturation
• Wrinkles
• Health of Facial Skin

With Visia™ you can treat the condition of your skin today and improve your skin of tomorrow by halting future visible age by treating deep underlying dermal issues.

Personalized Aesthetic Plan

Visia™ Technology combines information on the above to produce an entirely Personalized Profile just for you. Experienced expert SAI Doctors and Aestheticians then procede to advise and tailor treatment protocols to your distinctive facial skin taking into account all the factors as well as your future skin health goals and desires.

SAI integrates the following into an exact plan of treatment suitable to only you!
• Individual specific health concerns
Elimination of unwanted pigmentation
• Direct attention on areas of unwanted or severe visible aging
• Concentrated focus on any deep core dermal issues
• Charted protocols for the best recovery after Aesthetic treatments

*In addition, Visia™ Technology can be drawn upon for rejuvenation procedures that depend on precise placement of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers.

A Future of Results

Visia™ Technology scans are also a comprehensive tool used for on-going analysis and reference.
• Tracking treatments used and results
• Tracking progress of goals

Don’t waste energy on consultations that don’t put technology to work for you.

Visia™ Technology saves time, energy and cash with specific feedback that guides you to treatments and products that will produce results you can experience!

Visia™ Technology is a valuable and powerful tool. Let SAI employ its many benefits to deliver the skin of your dreams.

Alternatively, feel free to complete the SAI online skin assessment here to meet your skin needs.

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