VelaSmooth – Body contouring and cellulite reduction

| October 11, 2011 | 2 Replies

The first clinically proven medical and FDA approved device to treat cellulite and non-invasively contour the body.

Are you embarrassed by the cellulite dimples on your legs and buttocks? Join the queue……
But rather join the queue at Sandton Aesthetics Institute and let Dr Clark treat your cellulite with tried and trusted methods before bikini season starts.

When we hear cellulite removal, we think scam!!! Cellulite treatment is such a common request that we have visited and explored every option. Heat and Massage Systems have limited success and did not live up to the standard of results set by SAI.

But then we found the VelaSmooth – a Clinically Proven and FDA approved device to treat cellulite with non-invasive means.

This system works, proven results reduce the appearance of cellulite on:

  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Stomach
  • Upper arms

What to expect?

VelaSmooth is a safe, non-invasive treatment and visible results can be expected after as little as five treatment sessions. A full VelaSmooth regimen consists of two 60minute treatments per week for up to 6-8weeks, each session lasts 45min to 1hour.

Our patients report that the treatment feels like a warm massage, and since the procedure is non-invasive no anaesthesia is required. Once your session is over you can get up and go home.

A short painless way to look great on the beach this summer.

How does VelaSmooth Work?

The VelaSmooth treatment targets cellulite in three different ways:

Vacuum suction and massage form the mechanical rollers draw circulation into the local area for increased oxygen availability and manipulates the tissue, encouraging drainage of trapped fluid through the lymphatic system.

Heat from the infrared light source and the bi-polar radio frequency is deployed into the hypodermis breaking down stored triglycerides and resulting in the shrinking of the fat cells. This is how cellulite appears reduced even after only a few treatment sessions. VelaSmooth is one of the newest and most technologically advances methods of cellulite removal. It utilizes a combination of

Bi-polar radio frequency, light infrared energy, and tissue manipulation.

Elos technology that drives VelaSmooth, borrows the vacuum and dual action rollers of endermologie, but helps them manipulate and smooth the skin more effectively with the help of the radio frequency and infrared energies. These forces help increase the body’s metabolism and shrink fat chambers, tightening the skin and helping you get rid of cellulite quickly.

Visit our Specials to see what VelaSmooth treatment options Sandton Aesthetic Institute is offering this month.

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