VelaShape 3

| March 31, 2014

The ultimate in non-surgical body contouring

VSIII_1Do you wish for a flatter tummy, shapelier hips or a more defined buttocks? Who doesn’t! If the stresses of life didn’t exist we could all spend hours in the gym, running or doing pilates but unfortunately life doesn’t allow the time required to achieve our perfect body shape.

Similarly not everyone wants to turn to the knife or liposuction and until now there has been no realistic alternative. Meet VelaShape 3: the new optimal body-contouring device available at SAI. VelaShape 3 offers patients a comfortable, safe and reliable treatment option to contour those “problem areas”.

What is so special about VelaShape 3?

Dr Clark at SAI basis his technology decisions on two key factors:

  1. Safety
  2. Predictable results

This is why he has opted for the VelaShape upgrade. Results will be achieved faster, with less discomfort and in fewer treatments meaning patients see results within their budgets. What could make you happier?

What are the benefits of VelaShape 3 to you?

The new platform offers increase Radio Frequency power. This means optimum temperature is reached much faster, for quicker treatment sessions. This also adds value by achieving contouring results faster, which in turn means fewer treatment sessions. All this adds up to:

  • Less time out of the office
  • Fewer treatment sessions
  • More dramatic results in less time


The new VelaShape 3 has some extra technological advancement that benefits the patient treatment results too. The new Radio Frequency mechanism offers a closed loop system and temperature sensor: this for the patient means you receive a consistent energy delivery. In normal terms that equates to:

  • Less discomfort
  • Increased safety
  • Result predictability
  • Accurate results

If you want to tone, shape or slim down there is no better non-surgical treatment available on the market today. Dr Clark only uses gold standard products, and he is excited to launch VelaShape 3 at SAI for this very reason.

You no longer have to feel displeased with any part of your body. Simply call and make your appointment with Dr Clark at SAI today on 011 883 3116.

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