Turn back the anti-ageing clock vs halting the clock

| March 25, 2020

Time & Anti-ageing

Don’t despair if you already have more signs of ageing than you would like or are comfortable with.

The truth is that twenty years ago there wasn’t as many sound, safe and effective ways to pre-treat skin as there are available now.

Dr Clark and his team at SAI provide services to two main groups of Clients.

  • Category 1: Those taking action to turn back the clock. e. individuals who are experiencing signs of ageing which they dislike and seek to reverse and eliminate.
  • Category 2: Those seeking to halt the clock. i.e. individuals who have not experienced significant ageing but are doing well to take preventative action in order to keep their youthful appearance.

While the Millennial Generation has been known to catch a bad rap in some arenas; when it comes to beauty aesthetics their novel approach is turning heads. This growing base of Clients are literally halting the clock by investing early in their health and well-being. The pay-off to this is that they are able to look and feel their best with less effort for longer. The term coined to describe their method is Prejuvenation.

Prejuvenation simply put, is seeking to stop ageing rather than waiting to address or reverse it.

These motivated Clients understand that minimally invasive procedures on a monthly basis, before visible ageing is apparent, will act effectively prevent premature ageing.

What if you already have signs of ageing?

Technically Prejuvenation hasn’t always been possible. The important thing is to realize that it is now! The way Prejuvenation Clients have combined prevention and rejuvenation is something that any individual can take benefit from.

How to benefit from the principles behind Prejuvenation?

Clients who fall into category 1 can undergo a series of treatments which will work to repair the skin and cellular structure at base level. This can be accomplished in as little as 3 months by allowing the team at SAI to create a combination treatment package tailored to your unique needs.

The correct preventative treatments will preserve, maintain healthy functioning, and support cellular function to prohibit ageing and enhance skin quality.

Where to start?

Re-establishing a healthy skin matrix allows one to press the reset button and start fresh. From this rejuvenated foundation, it is simple to make the shift.

Substitute being re-active for being pro-active to obtain results that last longer. Recalibrate your skin structures and functioning with custom treatment packages.

Common treatments included in reset packages are

  1. PRP Therapy –  Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy provides a host of benefits including the construction of a robust and healthy store of Collagen. This essential skin element will plump the skin from within to minimize wrinkles and retain skin elasticity.
  2. TCA Chemical Peels – Deep peels go further than the surface epidermis; by treating the deeper dermal layers; winkles are minimized and any pigmentation issues can be addressed. Chemical Peels assist in speeding cellular turnover and work to reveal younger unblemished skin for a smooth and glowing complexion.

*Discover the differences between Chemical Peels in this article.

  1. Skin Boosters – Hydration is a critical component of youthful looking skin. Skin Boosters aid cellular function and support skin structures. Skin Boosters both optimize the way the dermis holds moisture and deliver additional moisture to the skin for up to 12 months.
  2. Dermal Fillers & Botulinum Toxin – The correct filler will increase moisture within and BT will prevent future wrinkles from forming. When expertly employed they easily achieve a “10 years younger” result without requiring any downtime. After addressing and correcting other underlying skin concerns, fillers can be used with more success and with greater effect. They can be employed to assist in targeting severe indications of aging.

SAI Creates Personal Prejuvenation & Anti-Ageing Treatment Packages

Once a bespoke protocol of treatments is carried out to completion, one can flip the switch. Turning from only treating after, to prevention and pre-treating. The following treatments are embraced by those whose seek long-term beautiful skin through Prejuvenation.

  1. Dermapen treatments on a regular basis – Keeps Elastin and Collagen production ongoing and boosted.  Click here to learn more.
  2. IV Skin Boosters for hydration & antioxidants – Supplement nutrients needed to counter environmental stressors while ensuring proper hydration is achieved.  Click here to learn more.
  3. SAI prescribed homecare – Address individual skin needs and skin type with professional advice regarding active ingredients. Click here to learn more.
  4. Monthly superficial chemical peels – Assist skin with cellular turnover to keep the glow and ensure correct product absorption. Click here to learn more.

SAI is on your team!

If we did not care for Skin Health as an Aesthetic Institute should, then we would not exist. Your results are our passion!

No matter what age you are at (or claiming), what state your skin is in, or what your aesthetic goals are – Dr Clark and his team of aesthetic professionals at SAI are waiting to assist.

Benefit from SAI’s dermatological expertise and experience to bring your best and most beautiful skin to the surface. SAI will custom build a package to address your Skin Goals and achieve the results that you desire.

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