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| September 5, 2017

The treatments to get you feeling positive & confident

Non-invasive treatments with quick & painless results.

With each changing season, we notice a change in popularity for requested treatments. With Spring being our focus, we figured to let you all know exactly what treatments exist today for the more common & popular spring requests. For many this short article will open a world of possibilities; that options exist to correct areas of concern for you with non-invasive treatments with quick & painless results.

Dry skin & dull complexion

After the dry winter, many people require treatment options to reinvigorate their complexion.

A glowing skin is a sign of youth & vibrancy, and coming into the warmer months we all like to look & feel alive with the potential that spring gives us.

The good news is that there are a few treatment options to radically improve your skin glow & hydration.

  1. Teosyal RHA1 – this is the most impressive skin hydrating treatment at SAI today. Micro-droplets of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) are injected into the deep dermis to re-establish the hydration level of your youth. HA is a naturally occurring substance in the skin that is responsible for skin hydration. The benefit of undergoing an RHA1 treatment is that improved hydration oftendeminishes minor wrinkles too.
  2. The Vampire Facial – although this treatment does require a few days downtime the Vampire Facial does produce true results. The process involves treating the skin by using two well studied techniques.
    1. First: Platelet Rich Plasma is injected into your skin. This is essentially reinjecting your own platelets, now activated, into your skin. The process enables your body to heal itself & begin to produce new, youthful & undamaged skin cells.
    2. Second: The Healing Cascade is stimulated via the process of multiple injections to the skin. This natural process floods the target area that has been injected with the plasma, & creates an environment whereby collagen productions is stimulated.

A combination that will result in magnificent & youthful skin, plus reversing the visible signs of ageing!

  1. Chemical Peels – from light to deep chemical peels the world of chemical peels enables so much individualised treatment. We highly recommend everyone undergo a series of treatments each year. Think of them as forces exfoliation with the added bonus that specific treatments will help eradicate troublesome sun spots, wrinkles & irregular pigmentation.

Unhappy with your Body Shape after winter

Many clients visit SAI state that the cold weather & indoor comforts leads to a lack of exercise & poor diet that leads to a few extra kilograms & a loss of body shape.

We do not offer large-volume fat removal, however, we can certainly help with body contouring. (plus these treatments work fantastically for cellulite too)

  1. VelaShape III is the gold standard non-invasive body-shaping & skin lifting treatment. By combining heat, radio frequency & massage – this incredible machine is proven to reduce fat & offer skin lifting to the hips, buttocks, tummy & thigh areas. In more recent times, we have used VelaShape to improve the neckline & upper arms too. Zero pain, zero downtime & an FDA approved method to eliminate fat cells & smooth the appearance of the skin!
  2. Non-ablative Laser & Deep Infrared offers clients technological access to break the binds that create cellulite. Some are happy to run off their excess weight gain from the winter but cellulite is the stubborn issue that just won’t go away. We promote individual protocols to treat your specific cellulite but they will nearly always include non-ablative laser & deep infrared.

Sun protection & age prevention

Dr Clark’s ideology is that treatment should include prevention techniques too.

 Preventing visible age depends largely on following a few homecare guidelines:

  1. Sun Protection – Sun damage is by far the main factor causing visible age. By including a sun protection regime into your daily routine, you will not only prevent damage but it will also ensure that you reduce the risk of more serious diseases like skin cancer. There are oral sun protection options & a host of broad spectrum SPF’s within the SAI online store. Make sure to check out the Crystal Tomato & SPF ongoing special offer.
  2. Cleansing & Moisturising – correct cleansing will maintain a clean healthy skin but just as importantly: a correct skin pH. Poorly designed cleansers damage the skin by removing the protective layers & oils of the skin surface.

At SAI, we have a scientifically-tested & safe options within our online store or at our offices in Sandton. Similarly, daily moisturising is essential in the prevention of dehydration.

By combining a cleanser, moisturiser & sunblock you radically reduce your chances of premature ageing.

  1. Visia™ Skin Analysis is a valuable tool in preventing visible age. This remarkable device allows Dr Clark & his team the ability to examine the various layers in the skin to ensure that suitable treatments are selected & followed to the exact skin depth that they require to eliminate problem-conditions. You can take the online skin assessment but it is advisable to scientifically study your personal skin in each layer via Visia™ Skin Analysis.

Leg veins & hair removal become popular in the Summer months as warm-weather fashion is brought out. We are offering some magnificent special offers.

The year-round requests for wrinkle reduction & pigmentation treatments: we at SAI have the most comprehensive treatments available in South Africa as we treat different skin types & indications.

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If you have a skin or body concern & would like for us to send some more information please contact SAI on 011 883 3116 & speak to our team. Alternatively, ask us via our Facebook page. We are here to help ensure you enter the new season with confidence & positivity.

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