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| January 26, 2021

Whole Body Love

The relationship between how we experience and how we feel about our body is a dynamic and often complex one. Different stages and phases of life might find us less than thrilled or downright perturbed about little niggles here and there that are eating away at our self-confidence.

While modern aesthetic focus tends to emphasis facial prejuvenation; science has also brought us new innovative and effective Body Treatments. Change is possible without surgery.

Body-focused treatments are an excellent way to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Constructively confront concerns.
  • Pamper and invest in yourself.
  • Avoid surgery but make an aesthetic impact.
  • Take the first step in transformation (Jump right into new healthy routines as no downtime is required).
  • Kick-start your Motivation.
  • Shift your headspace to a more positive place (especially pertinent in 2021).

Body Treatments performed at SAI

No one is going to love you like you do! Invest in yourself with one or more body loving treatments on offer and On Special at SAI this month!

Top Three Popular Treatments

  1. Laser Hair Removal – Throw away your razor! Give yourself the gift of permanent hair removal and be done with painful waxing treatments, ingrown hairs, razor burn, and other inconveniences. Women tend to treat legs, arms, underarms, and the bikini area. Men tend to focus on the back, chest, and neck. Visit our Specials Page to schedule and save this February 2021.


  1. Leg Vein RemovalVein removal is a game changer for many women and men who suffer from painful or unsightly veins. Highly visible veins can discourage short hemlines and make individuals feel uncomfortable in bathing costumes and exceedingly self-consciousness. Treatment is surprisingly simple and mostly pain free (a slight stinging sensation might be felt).


  1. Stretch Marks & Scar Revision – Stretch marks happen. Whether bringing new life into the world presented them as a souvenir, were a result of significant weight loss, or they just appeared: you don’t have to keep them. The same treatment that targets stretch marks can also be applied to undesired scars; including acne and c-section scars. Speak to an SAI Aesthetician for an assessment, explanation of the technology employed, and protocol capable of improving the appearances of blemishes that you are ready to say goodbye too!

Three more treatments worth noting:

  1. VelaShape III – This innovative body shaping treatment deserves a much closer look than it often gets. It is non-invasive, comfortable, and proven technology. How does it work? Infra-red light, radio frequencies, suction, and massage work together to stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic system to reduce fat cells and facilitate their elimination. It improves skin tone, aids collagen synthesis, and can reduce cellulite. Use it on the upper arms, thighs, legs, buttocks, neck, and more.


  1. Cellucare – if previous efforts to eliminate your cellulite have been less than satisfactory, then this is for you. Cellucare is one of only a few treatments prepared to solely target unwanted cellulite . Cellucare is a gold standard mesotherapy treatment and SAI Aestheticians have a wonderful track record in achieving great results with it.


  1. Proellixe Vibration – Shape up and lose weight, increase muscle tone, build bone density and more with the Proellixe Vibration platform. Non-impact vibrational tilting motion makes it safe for those with back and joint concerns.

On your side; SAI, a Team for You!

SAI Staff are knowledgeable and well-equipped to answer your questions regarding effective non-surgical treatments capable of addressing your body concerns. SAI embraces scientific approaches to non-invasive body alterations and clinical research citations which support the claims of this article can be found in the linked webpages featured within.

Not all options on the market have passed this test. Treat the problem; the correct way with options outlined by SAI Aestheticians to avoid wasting money or incurring surgical risks.

Save more with SAI’s monthly specials; visit our monthly specials page! Or cut to the chase and Book an Appointment.

Click here for SAI’s Contact Page or reach out to us at 011 886 6113 / 060 718 2178.

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