Treating Migraines with Botulinum Toxin

| May 27, 2017

Relief from Migraines & Clenched Jaws

could be an injection away

For those who do not suffer from migraines you can thank your lucky stars! Migraines can be one of the most debilitating conditions that when they strike can cause not only excruciating pain but also loss of vision, vomiting & an inability to tolerate light or sound.

Simple painkillers just won’t cut it as sufferers from frequent migraines do not wish to have to take painkillers on a regular basis… but there may be a solution thanks to ongoing studies into the indication for Botulinum toxin.

The difference between Migraines

Many migraine suffers are unaware that there are different classifications & types of migraines.

Studies into alleviating migraines using Botulinum toxin have all been toward those who suffer from Chronic Migraines.

This means individual who suffer more than 15 days per month with a headache lasting more than 4-hours – of which eight are migraines.

NOTE: episodic migraine suffers are those who experience 14 or less headaches per month per month.

Results have shown that an ongoing treatment cycle, of a treatment every 12-weeks, using botulinum toxin will reduce/prevent 8 or 9 of the 15 or more headaches.

But there are few extra elements to consider before heading to the aesthetic clinic.

Migraine Treatment insight

Although the studies are ongoing & proving decisive – there are no medical aids that cover the treatment. Unfortunate as it sounds, this is common practice until final studies can be presented often over extended periods of time.

Should you wish to undergo a botulinum toxin treatment for migraines we at SAI do suggest that you commit to a full treatment cycle of 12 months to obtain the ongoing benefit. As with aesthetic medicine the administration of Botulinum Toxin for migraines uses an extremely thin needle & the entire treatment process will last approximately 15-minutes.

Dr Clark will place injections on three sites: the forehead, temples & on the back of the neck, and most clients describe the injection as a small pin prick.

It is really that easy! Botulinum Toxin takes approximately 3-days to reach full effect so clients should start to feel the benefit almost immediately.

Relief from Clenched Jaws

As with migraines, tension headaches from clenched jaws can also be treated using Botulinum Toxin.

In many cases, clients opt for mouth guards, anti-inflammatory medication or bite plates to alleviate the problem, this however, does not solve the underlying issue & that is where Botulinum Toxin steps in.

Treatment does require ongoing dedication as the results of Botulinum Toxin last approximately three-months, but the temporary paralysis caused by the botulinum injections will greatly reduce involuntary clenching of your jaws & alleviate the problems associated with it.

Strategic placement of Botulinum Toxin into the masseter muscle will recue the ability of the muscle to contract as hard & will effectively relieve tension in the jaw & put a stop to clenched teeth, grinding of teeth & also headaches associated with an over clenched jaw.

The masseter muscle is responsible for the majority of jaw movement, so Dr Clark will only inject sufficient quantities that still allow patients to talk, chew & function as normal… only without the ongoing problems associated with clenched jaws.

Doctor experience matters

As you can imagine; doctor experience in both migraine & clenched jaw treatments with Botulinum Toxin is extremely important. It is rare to find a headache specialist with experience in administering Botulinum Toxin. Dr Clark, however, is different in that he has a long history in treating migraines & headaches using botulinum toxin & his facial anatomy knowledge as an a doctor with a special interest in aesthetic medicine is second-to-none.

If you are suffering from migraines or a clenched jaw & the related problems please make an appointment to see Dr Clark at SAI Sandton by calling 011 883 3116 today.

As a potential avenue to radically improve your quality of life we absolutely recommend
using Botulinum toxin to treat migraines & a clenched jaw.

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