Top Tips for Winter Homecare

| May 30, 2023

Show your skin extra attention with considered care that combats the winter elements. Small changes can make a big impact in keeping your skin healthy while managing the seasonal stressors.

Protect Your Skin: Even though the days are darker and shorter, the risk of UV damage is still very real. Aesthetic Doctors are unanimous in warning Clients against neglecting sun protection during winter months. Daily application of quality suncare product can save you from accumulating photodamage. Shop a full range of options here.

Hydrate From Within: Ensure your body’s largest organ has what it needs to maintain a healthy skin matrix and retain moisture. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Herbal teas that are caffeine-free are an excellent way to avoid excess caffeine (which is a diuretic) while still enjoying a hot ‘cuppa’. If you recognize signs that your internal hydration balance needs assistance; consider a restorative IV vitamin infusion treatment. A relaxing way to create optimal hydration for best physiological function.

Maintain a Comfortable Indoor Environment: As we battle the winter chill; heaters generate warmth but also dry out the air of our office and home. Employ a humidifier to add moisture to the air and generate a skin-friendly and comfortable humidity level.

Adjust Your Skincare Routine: The importance of tweaking your regime can not be overstated. Dr Clark sees numerous skincare woes that originate due to the use of inappropriate products or over-application of a skincare active. Focus on gentle cleansers that will not strip your skin of its naturally protective oil (sebum). Engage in exfoliation regularly to remove dead skin cells. This stimulates cellular turnover while creating a cleansed surface that allows for better product absorption. If you don’t have a suitable cleanser; evaluate our range here.

Protect Your Hands and Feet: If ever there was a time for extra love for your hands and feet; winter is it! Skin on the hands can become fragile and easily irritated by exposure. Feet also often suffer too, becoming dry and cracked. Double up on moisturiser and consider heavy duty creams overnight with sleep socks or moisture gloves on.

Overnight Moisturising Homecare: Before diving under the blankets to snuggle up; provide skin with decadent moisture. Overnight application of a rich and nourishing facial moisturiser fights back against dry and dehydrating winter air. Supplying your skin with what it needs to not only survive the winter elements but escape unscathed all winter long to avoid unwanted flare-ups. Shop specific overnight moisturisers here.

Warm, Cosy Atmosphere: What would contribute to a calm, ordered, and inviting space? Change doesn’t have to be expensive. Embrace creativity and think warm colours, soft lighting, soothing sounds and scents, and the addition of a plant or two. Taking time to invest in building a comforting and nurturing environment can ease and reduce stress to boost mental health.

Stay Active and Exercise: While it may be tempting to forgo physical activity during the shorter winter days, fight the feeling! Staying active provides benefits to one’s physical health and equally importantly contribute to positive mental health stability and mood regulation.

Self-Care and Relaxation: Fight winter boredom and blues with a variety of self-care treats. Pamper yourself this winter with soothing warm baths, glow-giving face masks, and deliciously scented body scrubs. Do choose quality products and reap the double rewards of nourishment of soul and body! SAI supplies three mask options to spoil your skin, shop here.

Creating a Personal Plan for Personal Skin Needs

Each person’s skin has its own specific needs. Add to these, one’s unique goals and personal preferences and the demand for a truly custom skincare regime becomes poignantly clear. If you would like assistance in determining your skin’s health status, anti-ageing priorities, or which products are best suited to your skin care goals, our qualified team is available to help.

If you believe foundational work to correct and restore balance may be required; Dr Clark can recommend in-clinic treatments that are suitable to these winter months. Don’t take a guess; get results with personalized recommendations and treatment plans created with you at SAI.


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