Top 5 Pre-Easter Treatments

| March 5, 2015

One last fling of Summer!

Internationally the trends are heading toward the spring and summer seasons while we down south prepare for the cooler months. We do however have one last fling at summer during the Easter Break. An opportunity to migrate to the coast, the beach or the bush for one last seasonal holiday creates in itself the need to look magnificently beautiful and we have the answers to those “how to” questions.

With that in mind, we asked Dr Clark and Dr Marks for their top 5 Pre-Easter treatments. What would they recommend to their patients to have them looking amazing through autumn? Here they are:


matrixBotulinum toxin is still the global leader for aesthetic treatments. The reason? It is quick, easy, and painless and results are predictable.In the right hands a Toxin treatment can naturally remove visible signs of age.As with Chemical Peels, there is not a single patient that would not benefit from regular Botulinum toxin treatments.

Results do take a few days to show, so plan early to ensure you are looking your best before the break.



handsThis is a very often overlooked part of the body and we recommend that anyone with their anti-ageing regime under control pay attention to these age give-away areas.

As we age our hands show combined chronological and environmental age. They often also become hollow. This makes them a true visible age determinator.

The joy of treating the hands is that a simple treatment of dermal fillers and/or Restylane skin boosters can correct the problem immediately, with little fuss and zero downtime.

The décolletage is another tell-tale age giveaway, especially in low cut dresses or in swimwear. This skin often becomes crêpey as we age due to sun damage and the thin nature of the skin in general. A series of chemical peels and Restylane skin boosters can return this skin to a more youthful appearance and hide your visible age as well as more traditional aesthetic treatments.



velasmoothSurgical body contouring regularly ranks as the number one treatment globally as patients look to redefine their body shape with liposuction. At SAI we offer non-surgical options to mimic liposuction results that don’t cost nearly as much and require zero downtime.

Given that the holidays are a few weeks away the best treatment route for the Easter break would be VelaShape 3. VelaShape 3 offers cellulite reductions, body shaping and skin tightening with results showing much faster. This means you get the curves you want for that last splash in the pool or on the beach.


Lunchtime treatment

Chemical Peel SpecialsChemical peels are the perfect lunchtime treatment to get your skin on track.  The timing couldn’t be better leading into the cooler months, as a series of Chemical Peels will get your skin into perfect shape to maintain integrity through winter.The joy of this treatment protocol is that every patient will benefit from undergoing chemical exfoliation and preparing the skin now for winter, regardless of holiday ambitions, is a seriously good idea.

Should you be comfortable with your current skin quality, then OPL for permanent hair reduction would rank high on the desirable treatment list. Hair free on the beach or at the pool? Most women would agree to that and it is easy to see why Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular treatment protocols at SAI



CreamCrystalClearTravelling through the holidays can often leave the best skincare routines at a loss. A little more sun, that extra dip in the pool or that second glass of wine all lead to increased stress on your skin and visible age. Make sure to up your sunblock and moisturizer levels through the Easter break but the best advice is to take up a course of Crystal Tomato.

Crystal Tomato act as a natural melanin inhibitor, effectively offering sun protection.The daily supplement also benefits the skin by whitening and brightening your complexion and acting as an anti-oxidant protects your skin from the extra free radicals that second glass of wine creates.

These are simple, yet effective tips to have you looking your best in the short time left before the April holidays come into effect. As always we wish our patients to start planning earlier to ensure final treatment results are visible when they are needed most.

Call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047 today to find out how we can treat your individual skin and body needs today.

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