Three PRP Therapy Bonuses

| July 1, 2016

Its more than a Skin Rejuvenation treatment

rprTriggering the body’s natural healing cascade process & using stem cells to promote youthful healing is possibly the most genius anti-ageing treatment protocol that exists today. By offering 100% skin rejuvenation we create a platform of healthy skin & support structures that allow fine tuning by way of thread lifts, Botulinum toxin & dermal fillers to offer the most accurate non-surgical aesthetic treatments and results.

All this being true, here are three reasons to undergo PRP therapy (Vampire Facial) irrespective of your desire to completely turn back the hands of time on your visible age or simply treat individual skin worries.

Treating large pores

Large pores are common among those who live in warm climes, and those who suffer from oily skin types. Large pores are essentially a stretching of the pore due to excess dirt, sweating and oil accumulation.

Treatment is almost non-existent for large pores as it is almost impossible to correct stretched tissue within such small scale… unless you are stimulating the damaged area to correct itself by regenerating normal healthy cells.

This is exactly what PRP Therapy or The Vampire Facial does. Plasma re-injected into the areas with large pores creates an environment whereby the stretched cells are replaced with new fully functioning cells. This process is promoted via the micro-needling injection technique ‘damaging’ the stretched cells to illicit the healing cascade followed by regenerative plasma cells.

Eradicate Wrinkles

Wrinkles are formed over time through environmental & chronological ageing. They are essentially folds in the skin where the structures can no longer support it. By injecting Platelet Rich Plasma into the skin using the micro-injection technique we address wrinkles by:

  1. We stimulate the Healing Cascade. This is the body’s process to heal itself by flooding an injured area with collagen. Collagen stimulation will recreate a skin environment not dissimilar to that of your youth. Increased collagen simply means a more youthful & elastic skin.
  2. We enhance the collagen production with plasma. This helps the body prolong the production of collagen long past the healing process. This allows the anti-wrinkle result to improve over time.

Correct Dull Skin

The average skin cell turnover is 28 days. In a healthy individual your skin replaces itself every 28 days, and this leaves you with fresh clean & bright skin visible to the world as a glowing complexion. As we age, this process slows. The longer dead skin cells are visible on the surface the duller our complexion becomes.

PRP therapy not only removes the outer layers of the skin with the mechanical action during re-injection but the active ingredients also promote a quick turn-around of cells into the future. The stimulation & regeneration of healthy skin cells will again function as they did in your youth. This essentially means healthy skin cells functioning as healthy skin cells should, and ultimately faster cellular turn-over & a glowing complexion.

To book your Vampire Facial or PRP Therapy book now with either Dr Clark or Dr Marks at SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047 and take advantage of the benefits this treatment can offer your anti-ageing ideals.


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