The technological advancement of Silhouette Soft Thread Lifting

| Jul 31, 2015

Get used to the term Silhouette Soft Lifts… the procedure is setting the standard for minimally invasive facelift procedures and it is here to stay.

SB-WomenWhy all the hype though, thread lifts have been on the market for years?

Aesthetic medicine is one of the fastest moving and continually evolving industries on the planet. The evolution of thread lift research and studies to the pinnacle treatment that is Silhouette Soft thread lifts have taken a number of years, and only now can we say that Silhouette Soft Lifts offer the patient a true, safe and effective non-surgical facial contouring solution.

Based on science

The end-goal at Silhouette Soft of was to create a safe, effective and predictable result for patients wising to redefine the contours of their face, neck & jawline without needing to undergo costly surgery and extended downtime.

What researchers succeeded in proving was that not only does Silhouette Soft Lift offer patients the above pre-requisites but also that the threads themselves offer prolonged collagen induction for improving results well past the final results phase.

This means that patients will not only benefit from re-contouring their face to a more youthful shape but also the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines due to collagen induction.

This double action: regenerative and lift, make Silhouette Soft a truly unique global offering with results lasting up to 18-months.


Is the procedure safe?

Six years of extensive research and studies lead to Silhouette Soft obtaining FDA clearance for the US market, CE certification for the European markets and also international ISO clearance. This means that all the clinical data is proven.

From a patient perspective Silhouette Soft differs from other Threads on the market as they are made from a biodegradable & absorbable material called Polylactic Acid (PLA). PLA is used extensively in surgical procedures today including sutures, surgical screws and orthopaedic pins. This means the material is uniquely studied within medicine in thousands of surgical cases, adding to the safely profile. The absorbable nature of PLA also means that patients avoid potential complication risk from permanent threads.


How is a Silhouette Soft procedure performed?

A treatment takes between 30 minutes and 1-hour, depending on your indication and how many threads are used. The entire procedure is performed only by either Dr Clark or Dr Marks and under local anaesthetic for ultimate patient comfort.

Each thread is inserted just below the skin surface using a fine needle so no incision is required. Once inserted your SAI doctor will manipulate the skin to create the contour you desire. Fine cones on the Silhouette Soft Thread will hold the thread in place and maintain the immediate result. Once in place the protruding ends of the thread are simply cut and stitched in place.


The Silhouette Soft thread can be placed multi-directionally to achieve your exact result requirements anywhere on the face, neck or jawline. It is really that simple. In the past anchor points were required to hold threads in place, this made the procedure cumbersome and limited to minimal achievable results.

Using Silhouette Soft Threads the world of youthful contours and rejuvenation is easy, achievable and 30-minutes from completion.

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