The SAI Homecare Range Expands

| October 30, 2017

6 new products to enhance your anti-ageing results

The launch of our SAI Homecare range has been met with such enthusiasm that we have decided to expand the range based on specific client requests. Users are enamoured with the affordability of the SAI range and the ongoing & improved anti-ageing results that they are achieving.

In November 2017 we are launching 6 NEW products to complement our existing range and they fit perfectly into our 30-minute treatment time focus in the month of November too. Initially the new products will be only available in-store to our loyal customers but we will release them via the online store in the coming weeks. The six new products to look out for are:

  1. Rejuvenating Eye Cream – a fast absorbing day or night cream designed to reduce wrinkles, dark circles & puffiness in the sensitive eye area.
  2. Skin Resurfacing Lotion – a 10% lactic & 5% glycolic acid mix this lotion will offer advanced exfoliation & intense hydration for the skin. It is an incredible night cream to enhance anti-ageing results.
  3. Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum – this is hyaluronic acid (HA) serum utilizes multi-molecular HA to penetrate multiple layers of skin to provide comprehensive skin hydration. Ideal for everybody, all day & all year round.
  4. Clinical Antioxidant Serum – combat oxidative skin damage from modern living. Pollution, smoke & lifestyle all negatively impact your visible age. This Serum evens the playing field.
  5. Calming Serum – the ideal post-treatment serum to soothe & calm inflamed or irritated skin. We highly recommend this serum after most treatments but also at home for treatment of sunburn or an insect bite.
  6. Gentle Face Wash – you do not want your cleanser to strip your skin of its protective barrier. Our gentle facewash is designed for sensitive & normal skin to allow you to achieve gentle cleansing before continuing your daily routine.

We will cover our new range in more detail in the coming months, but should you have any questions or would like to add a product to your ongoing homecare regime, please call the offices on 011 883 3116 & the team will have your products ready at your next visit.


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