The Photo Peel

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Combination treatments to tackle both causes of premature ageing

When we look at the causes of ageing we are led down two separate roads: Genetic Ageing and Photo Ageing. Treating these two separate elements is the basis for Aesthetic Medicine, but Aesthetic doctors have always found it difficult to achieve result treating both causes simultaneously.




Genetic Ageing is simply our natural chorological aging passed down in our genes.

Photo Ageing is ageing caused by our lifestyle and environment, like smoking or the sun

In combination these elements cause premature ageing.

The Photo Peel

Dr Clark and his team at SAI have been getting fantastic results using wheat they call a Photo Peel. The treatment is a combination starting with IPL to treat Photo Ageing followed immediately by a TCA peel to target Genetic Ageing.

In combination the treatment will require some downtime but the improved results and minimal follow up treatments are making this anti-ageing treatment a hit. This Photo Peel will leave your skin smooth, clear and youthful with one single treatment, whereas a similar result would normally take 3 or 4 treatments.

The Photo Peel saves time, money and gets results quickly. Please make an appointment to see Dr Clark if you are interested in finding out more about what the Photo Peel can do for you.

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