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| Jul 29, 2013

Introducing TSK Cannulas at SAI

Although many are promoting the use of micro-cannulas with dermal filler treatments at the moment, the truth is that Dr Clark at SAI has been pioneering their use for well over 4 years. Given his experience in using micro-cannulas it is little wonder that he is at the forefront of bringing the latest micro-cannulas to the practice for safer, more predictable and satisfactory dermal filler results.

Introducing the TSK Steriglide Micro-Cannula to SAI and South Africa.


What is a micro-cannula?

A micro-cannula is a revolutionary instrument changing the way doctors inject dermal fillers. As simply as we can put it, a micro-cannula is an extremely thin, blunt tipped metal tube to inject dermal fillers. The micro-cannula in effect replaces the needle.

What can TSK Steriglide micro-cannula offer the patient?

STERiGLIDEFirst and foremost the benefit of the micro-cannula is minimizing risk. There is:

  • Less risk of bruising and bleeding
  • Less pain
  • Fewer entry points

When you inject with a needle you always run the risk of tissue trauma. This is not the case when using TSK micro-cannulas. The blunt tip causes minimal damage and is therefore virtually a pain free procedure.

Also, Dr Clark will select different size micro-cannulas at different lengths to achieve your desired result with minimal entry points. A needle is short and required multiple skin punctures to treat most areas. Due to the length of a micro-cannula often Dr Clark only requires single entry points on either side of the face to treat multiple areas.

The TSK Steriglide is a league above its competitors

The TSK Steriglide range of micro-cannulas have been approved by Dr Clark for use at SAI because they:

  • Improved precision from a new tip design
  • Easier and faster insertion for less pain thanks to a smoother cannula surface
  • Better sensitivity and less force required to inject due to the ultra thin micro-cannula walls

Does this mean the end for traditional needle dermal filler treatment? No, Dr Clark still prefers the needle option for specific treatments. His approach is always about a natural and long-lasting dermal filler result. Make your appointment with Dr Clark at SAI and discuss your dermal filler needs 011 883 3116

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