The New-Age Non-Surgical Facelift

| September 26, 2017

Facelift-like results without the cost or downtime

The Liquid Facelift has been an evolving treatment protocol for several years. The introduction of Botulinum toxin & Hyaluronic (HA) Dermal Fillers created an opportunity to reduce lines & wrinkles within the skin. With the onset of new improved techniques & HA products – doctors with an interest in Aesthetic Medicine began to mimic facelift results.

The treatment was born but at the time it was not yet perfected… but times have changed!

Facelift surgery does offer some fantastic advantages: it creates lift & volume in the face, cheeks & neck area with results lasting for a number of years. Surgical technique has also evolved making results more natural & with minimal scar visibility. Of course, there are some serious considerations when undergoing facelift surgery too:

  1. Cost – any surgical intervention is extremely expensive & facelift surgery is no different.
  2. Recovery – given that the supporting structures in the face & neck are modified to create volume & lift it makes sense that the invasive surgery makes for lengthy downtime with significate pain & bruising.
  3. Permanency – it is something to consider that undergoing facelift surgery will offer a result for many years. Perhaps longer than is wanted. Many patients regret the permanency of surgical intervention once they have further aged.

That being said, there are still some indications that still require facelift intervention. But those cases are becoming fewer & farther between, thanks largely to the introduction of new technologies to the non-surgical or liquid facelift arena.

The key areas of Lift, Volume & Facial anatomy can all now be accurately addressed using minimally invasive & sometimes non-invasive treatments.

The Original Liquid Facelift

The original liquid facelift used Botulinum toxin to minimise wrinkle visibility & also alter the shape of key areas in the jowls & temple area.

Combine that with the introduction of large particle HA Dermal Fillers into the midface & cheeks which created volume & symmetry. This technique is still widely used today to mimic facelift results but additional treatments now challenge the results of facelift surgery by addressing previously untreatable areas including facial structure & the neck area.

New treatments making the difference

  1. Thread lifts – the re-emergence of thread lifts has provided doctors with an interest in aesthetic medicine the tools to safely & accurately redefine facial features. Thread lifts are minimally invasive treatments that help anchor facial anatomy back into a position associated with youthful vibrancy. Most commonly used in the cheek to reposition fat pads & sagging facial tendons – thread lifts are also now being utilised in the jaw & jowl area to contour the jawline to a more youthful appearance.
  2. PRP Facial Rejuvenation – using your body’s own platelet rich plasma to rejuvenate your skin will not only thicken your skin & reduce visible wrinkles but it will also stimulate collagen & elastin production. This creates a supple & plump skin associated with the youth and offers a result that no surgical facelift ever could.
  3. VelaShape III – brings skin lifting to the non-surgical facelift table. Previously the neck area was untreatable using non-surgical techniques. Using VelaShape III we have a proven platform to lift & tighten the skin in the neck area to complete a perfect mimic of surgical facelift results. You can read more about VelaShape III here.

The bonus treatments

Skin Brightening & Pigmentation treatments now also further enhance your non-surgical facelift results.

Specific treatments can be applied to the skin to ensure that your features & facial symmetry are matched by a glowing complexion with ultimate skin hydration.

These are both stand-alone treatments but when incorporated into non-surgical facelift packages it offers that something extra to fully complete the result you are looking for.

NOTE: SAI is offering a 15% Special Offer on all Skin Brightening & Pigmentation treatments throughout October 2017. Make sure to book your appointment, space is limited.

If you are a candidate for facelift surgery or are seeking a non-surgical anti-ageing facial rejuventation solution, consider a liquid facelift procedure. Liquid facelift packages are customised to your specific aesthetic desires & skin concerns so it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You will not only save money & time, but downtime too.

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