The most suitable Skin Treatment for Summer

| January 12, 2024

From relaxed afternoons with refreshing swims to juicy watermelon slices, summer is a special time. If you are looking for a Skin Treatment that encompasses the best of what’s to love about summer; you will love IV Skin Infusion treatments.

*SAI is offering IV Treatment on Special within January 2024.

Skin Loves Moisture!

The essential to Skin Health, dermal function and balance, anti-ageing, and great skin is moisture!

Correct levels of moisture allow for skin to retain its natural supple volume. IV Skin Infusion treatments deliver potent payloads of intensely hydrating H20, electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins for awesome stress-free skin support from the inside out.

Why IV?

Seven Reasons to Choose IV Infusion Therapy.

  1. IV Therapy is an established means of providing rehydration, restorative fluids and nutrients. It has a proven history of use that spans a century and is both documented and accepted as both effective and exceedingly devoid of risk. Read more about its efficacy and history in this short but informative article here.
  2. The excellent benefits of IV Infusion treatments have received some press attention as they have become popularized by many celebrities. Regardless of any hype, Skin Hydration treatments are here to stay because of their proven positives. Not only can they quickly restore lost fluids, but they can also address nutritional deficiencies exacerbated by stress for better physiological function. Specifically, within Medical Aesthetics, they are ideal for assisting in the creation of a healthy foundation for pursuing significant Skin Goal progress.
  3. SAI is able to offer Clients a range of various formulations of IV therapies. These include a focused Vitamin Drip, Hangover & Energizer Drip, Immune Booster, Endurance Recovery Drip, Skin Lightening and Brightening Drip and more. You can learn more about each one by clicking here.
  4. Each infusion is packaged individually in a sterile, single-use clearly labelled unit and is administered by a registered medical doctor, Dr Clark.
  5. Session time is approximately one hour in a comfortable and hygienic SAI clinic treatment room. This time can be enjoyed as you choose. Silent relaxation, media browsing or reading, or staying on top of work demands; it’s up to you.
  6. IV Therapy provides short- and long-term results. Individuals are delighted to feel revived and refreshed nearly instantaneously following treatment due to internal hydration being optimized. The nutrients included in the formulation begin creating immediate effects that also stretch forward into the future. Correcting imbalances, righting deficiencies, and supporting the body and skin’s natural processes. Often this support is exactly what is needed for one’s own body to get back on track with improved function.
  7. IV Therapy is minimally invasive. It does not require the constant presence of a Doctor and no one needs to be in your personal space. Sit comfortably, relax, and enjoy.

Optimal Health & Optimizing your Aesthetic

Bolstering cellular function with nutrients and hydration can have a great effect on overall health. It carries enviable aesthetic results as it empowers Skin Health and glow and enables the body’s own processes to be optimized.

Moisture is the golden ticket to preventing premature skin ageing.

Pair these advantages with the ease and comfort of treatment and you have the most suitable treatment for summer. Enjoy an IV Treatment package at a special price when you book at SAI within January 2024.

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