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| January 30, 2023

Dynamic Duo’s

Pairing in-clinic treatments into series and combinations…

Pairing and Packaging

Time takes a toll on our skin and body aesthetic and likewise it takes time to undo the damage. This base reality is why packages are better than once off treatments. The correct series or sequence of treatments allows the mechanism of action relied on to gain momentum and work as intended. This makes for improved outcomes and creating the correct foundation for future restorative action. In addition in certain therapies, think Laser Hair Removal – a distinct time period is required due to inherent biological cycles, in this case one which allows for each hair follicle activation cycle to be targeted.

Aesthetic Pathways

Packages – A series or scheduled multiples of the same treatment spaced to combine Client needs and treatment timing realities and/or recommendations.

Combinations – More than one treatment that works together. A Combination may pair treatments that target one goal i.e. Skin Resurfacing or may address more than one goal via two concurrent treatments i.e. facial rejuvenation + body treatment.

The February 2023 Special – Buy any two packages together and get 50% off the cheaper of the two.

Top 5 Packages of 2022

Unsure where to start? Take some inspiration from our top-selling packages of 2022 or use the information to be creative about designing what you would like to mix and match. With all packages on special for February 2023, now is the time to draw your aesthetic dream of the future into the now!

Chemical Peel packages 

Whether you decide on a series of intensive peels for a deep reset and establishing a firm foundation for future treatments or something lighter such as a monthly peel series, your skin will love you for it! Chemical Peels stimulate healthy cellular turnover and a well-functioning skin matrix. These in-turn counteract breakouts, a dulled and lifeless dermal surface, enlarged pores, blackheads, and other undesirable complexion conditions. Monthly Peels can mitigate problems before they begin and keep your skin fresh and glowing.

Botulinum toxin packages

A global favourite, BT does so much! From erasing deep furrows to preventing these from forming in the first place. Its studied and long history of use in Aesthetic Medicine, place it as a firm favourite of SAI Clients. BT is quick-acting with nearly instantaneously results and surprisingly (to most) it can last up to 6 months. Common treatment areas include the side of eyes ‘crows feet’, between the eyes ‘glabellar’, and edges of the lips for a ‘smile lift’. Consult with Dr Clark and then decide what if a BT package is right for you!

*It is important for SAI to note that Botulinum toxin is a schedule 4 medication in RSA making it illegal to discount its purchase price. As such; it will not qualify for discounts. It can however be paired with a separate and different treatment package eligible for our February 2023 special discount.

Laser Hair Removal

Are you finally ready to kiss razor burn and other messy and painful hair removal methods goodbye? If so, now is the time to schedule your series of Laser Hair Removal treatments. Singular treatments are not productive with Laser Hair Removal due to the nature of hair growth phases. Our female Clients receive the most value from Laser Hair Removal in the bikini area, underarm, and legs. Our male Clients often request the back, chest, and/or buttocks. Choose what suits you best and save if you book during February 2023.


If improving your silhouette is a priority in 2023, VelaShape technology should be on your radar. VelaShape is a non-surgical technology combining infrared light, radio frequency, and suction. Efficient & safe heating of fat cells, leads to fat loss. Velashape also stimulates the production of collogen and elastin thereby improving internal skin structures. Overall, it has been shown to reduce circumference, improve tone, and tighten loose skin. Its non-invasive qualities allow it to be an ideal way to address stubborn areas with an absolute minimum of risk. Multiple treatments allow for best results; as such VelaShape therapy is available in various packages based on localized treatment area.

*Couple VelaShape with Proellixe Vibration or MesoTherapy Cellulite treatment if you are looking to contour and smooth to the maximum. Find other possible pairing based on goals in What’s New.

IV Skin brightening

Reap the benefits of nourishing nutrients delivered intravenously. IV treatments are as alluring as they are relaxing. The ability to boost immunity, aid muscle recovery, optimize hydration, deliver powerful antioxidants, and increase your skin glow are all great reasons why! SAI offers a range of different IV Drip formulations towards different goals, click here to see the options.

Your Perfect Pairing

While the above highlights some classic favourites, you are free to combine ANY* two treatment packages. Discover your winning combination and save with SAI’s February 2023 Special.


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