The Millennial approach to ageing

| February 27, 2020

Health is a whole-body & beyond concept. Mindfulness is a part of it, exercise and nutrition are included, and so is one’s aesthetic. How we look affects how we feel. Self-confidence and a Positive Body Image is part of overall wellness and contributes to good health.

The Power of Possibility

Society has changed (thank goodness) and there is no longer a stigma attached to caring about, personalising and investing in one’s appearance. Gone is the taboo around getting professional attention or benefitting from all that scientific advancements offer to a beauty regime.

Enter Prejuvenation, choose how you meet the future! Early adoption and ongoing proactive treatments result in maintained skin that keeps its glow, smooth-even texture and youthful appearance.

What is Prejuvenation?

Why wait for visible ageing to appear when you can put the brakes on ageing now. Awareness regarding personal aesthetics in the present, delays visible ageing from being seen and stops premature ageing from happening.

Prejuvenation combines preventative measures and rejuvenation together; it includes any treatment designed to reverse ageing in a non-intrusive, minimally invasive, non-surgical way.

What is fuelling Prejuvenation’s Popularity?

Prejuvenation is the fastest growing field in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine due to its scientific approach and results. It ranges from subtle injectable interventions, light and laser therapies to Hyaluronic Acid, Botulinum Toxin for prevention, and more.

Prejuvenation is a means of taking care of yourself that offers immediate and long-term benefits. It is a taking a step away from powerlessness, into the joy of being proactive NOW with the future in mind. Click here to learn about an ideal Prejuenation treatment: Dermapen (On Special for March 2020).


Self-confidence and a personal aesthetic that you enjoy, will never go out of style. Looking your best is not a fad and beauty is not a trend. Anti-ageing Skin Health priorities are timeless. These truths are the basis of the Prejuvenation movement and the key to its longevity.

  • Don’t wait to treat the problem when you can prevent it in the first place.
  • Any age is the correct age to begin investing in your skin.

Creating the Aesthetic of your Future

‘You-time’ won’t just happen, it has to be a chosen as a priority. Consider making self-care a treasured ritual instead of a reaction. With a wide range of treatments that can be performed in 45 minutes or less (also called ‘lunch-time treatments’) it is possible to incorporate effective treatments into any routine, easily.

Start healthy aesthetic habits now that will eliminate stress and the need for more intensive procedures in the future. Create your ideal aesthetic future with conscientious proactive aesthetic investments now. Where to start? Meet with the expert Doctor and dermatology team at SAI.

A professional and personal assessment

The Internet is great but online research will only go so far. Defining and refining your aesthetic – will require a personal physical assessment.

Sandton Aesthetic Institute provides everything required to maximize your investments, achieve a holistic approach to aesthetics, and enjoy the process. Dr Clark & SAI have been at the forefront of preventative aesthetics for years with the goal of optimizing minor treatments for continuing health and beauty rewards.

  • Schedule a Consultation to design a personal strategy today.
  • Find information on a wealth of accessible non-surgical treatments to prevent, maintain, and address in our blog blog.
  • Check our monthly Specials page for how to optimize your health and wellness budget.

See our Specials for March Link to Specials to discover treatment packages on discount, and complementary homecare products to enhance results. You can click here for our  Contact Us page. Call Sandton Aesthetic Institute on 011 883 3116 / 060 718 2178.

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