The globes most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatments

| Jul 1, 2015

What’s hot & What’s not?

Call it what you will but the big reveal that Kylie Jenna’s now famous pout is thanks to cleverly crafted dermal filler placement has rocketed requests for dermal fillers throughout the globe. In fact, demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments has grown a massive 55% in the past 6 months. This July we’ll reveal the most requested treatments of 2015 so far, and provide our reasons why.

Dermal Fillers are top!

fillersHolding the top spot for the second year in a row Dermal Fillers are the globes most requested aesthetic treatment. In many cases people would believe Botulinum Toxin to be the most popular but in fact the sheer versatility of Dermal Fillers today make them the go to treatment for most patients.

Dermal Fillers famously made their name as wrinkle fillers. Minimizing or eliminating both superficial and deep wrinkles with various gel properties made for immediate results and therefore extremely happy patients. Moving forward Dermal Fillers have advanced to now offer volumising solutions to recreate youthful contours to the ageing face, and also skin rejuvenation using Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers natural hydrating properties. Dermal Fillers in the hands of Dr Clark or Dr Marks can literally mean reducing years from your visible age in as little as an hour treatment and lasting for up to 18-months.

It’s easy to see why Dermal Fillers hold rank at number one on the podium.

Mole Removal comes in second

Pigmentation lessionsThere are no celebrity trends driving requests for mole removal but more and more individuals are turning to their aesthetic doctors for the treatment simply to maintain skin uniformity. Treatment for mole removal does significantly depend on depth, size and location of the mole, and of course if further analysis is required.

At SAI mole removal options include scalpel removal with stiches, freezing and laser removal.

Both Dr Clark and Dr Marks have the ability to accurately remove unwanted moles and offer further treatment if need be
– i.e. to maintain skin uniformity, reduce scarring and/or improve wound healing.

Third – Lip Augmentation

restylane_lipsThe perfect pout tilted Lip Augmentation at the second spot, but third is still extremely respectable. Kylie Jenna surely helped popularity but reality is that most women will benefit from re-establishing youthful and natural lines around their mouths. Dermal Fillers are most commonly used to:

  • Correct the corners of the mouth
  • Define the lip border
  • Add lost volume
  • Reshape the lip
  • Add a pout

For more information on the different lip treatments available at SAI, please view the Spotlight on Lip Article. Being a focal point of the face, both Dr Marks and Dr Clark believe that natural and shapely lips create the impression of eternal youth.

On the up – treatments to trend soon

In terms of significant requests for treatments that have not featured before the aesthetic community should pay attention, as these emerging trends may soon become the new norm:

  1. Thread lifts – enquiries into Thread Lifts have risen as much as 240% in the last year.

The reintroduction of this treatment with more sophisticated product and treatment results means mimicking facelift results has never been easier. This one-hour treatment (average treatment time) means one can reverse the skin sagging of age during your lunch break. Then when combined with Dermal Fillers, you have a complete temporary non-surgical facelift.

  1. Body Contouring – The world is tired of downtime and as technology improves so to does non-invasive liposuction results. The ability to remove unwanted fat without surgery or downtime makes Coolsculpting and VelaShape III magnificently popular alternatives. The only downside is the longer time to se final results but even this time is quickly diminishing as better technology evolves.
  2. Body Volumising – This may have seen an upturn due to Kim Kardashian’s breaking the Internet pose, but Dr Clark and Dr Marks believe that the time will soon come where adding volume to the buttocks or breasts will soon be in the scope of non-surgical aesthetic doctors. There is no ideal treatment yet, but the requests are there so be sure that the industry has taken notice.

If you are concerned with your visible age, now is the time to act. Never before has technology and technique offered so many opportunities for those wishing to turn back the clock. Book your appointment at SAI today to receive the most comprehensive treatment list in South Africa. Make your appointment today: call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047

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