The Evolution of Dermal Fillers

| November 28, 2013

The liquid facelift takes centre stage

The dermal filler evolution spans 17 years

Who out there thought that Botulinum toxin changed the world of anti-ageing? It did, but now dermal fillers are proving their worth and the global community agrees. The constant evolution of dermal fillers has seen the product step into the global spotlight from the days of lip plumping and wrinkle filling to today where thought leaders in dermal fillers are inventing new techniques and approaches to satisfy nearly all patient requests.

The dermal filler evolution spans 17 years but now boasts innovation in the form of lidocaine for pain management, blunt tipped cannulas for minimal trauma, bendable needles increasing treatment options and some pinnacle doctors like Dr Alastair Clark at SAI are even layering product or diluting product for smoother and better contoured results.

Dermal fillers are not all equal


Dr Clark has been at the forefront of dermal filler innovation for the last 8 years

With evolution comes insight, and Dr Clark has been at the forefront of dermal filler innovation for the last 8 years. As the requirements evolved so too did the hyaluronic acid (HA) products. This did however create a gulf between HA dermal filler products and their best uses. Many products have found a niche in the treatment cycle. Restylane however has provided Dr Clark a multitude of products in the catalogue to allow for safe, effective and studied results. It is important to know your doctor is working with gold standard products that suite your specific treatment indication.

Dermal Fillers fill and Facelifts lift

This might have been true a number of years ago, but the correct use of HA dermal fillers and patient management has seen a massive increase in non-surgical liquid facelifts. This is not to say that these patients will not eventually require surgical intervention but more that there are options now available to stave off the knife for a good number of years.

Indeed, injectables are useful alternatives as well as adjuncts to surgical procedures, and are widely considered a mainstay in aesthetic practices. They can:

  • Prevent wrinkles in younger patients,
  • Reduce fine lines, and smooth scars in patients in their 30s,
  • Reverse deeper wrinkles in patients in their 40s and older.

HA Dermal Fillers are also wonderful tools for:

  • Reshaping the face,
  • Adding fullness,
  • Enhancing contours,
  • Correcting asymmetries,
  • Smoothing bony irregularities,
  • Solving issues of facial ageing that surgery does not address effectively.
  • Correcting minor defects post-surgery.

Dermal Fillers are dominating the world

The Liquid Facelift is not a new concept; the idea that we could achieve similar non-surgical results using predominantly Botox was revolutionary. There was always however a reluctance to say Liquid Facelift results could mimic that of invasive surgical facelift procedures. That is until now: today Dermal Fillers are dominating Botox in the field of Liquid Facelifts, simply due to the versatility of the product and technique! Botox and Dermal Fillers will continue to work well together but these evolutions in injection technique and product make the non-invasive liquid facelift a real competitor to surgical intervention and in many cases a preferred method to achieve the same result.

To speak with Dr Clark about undergoing a Liquid Facelift, or the benefits of the advancements of Dermal Fillers call SAI now 011 883 3116.

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