The Crossover Treatment with Dermapen 3

| April 30, 2015


Skin rejuvenation is possibly one of the most overlooked treatment protocols in the aesthetic community today. Good skin structure is the foundation for a magnificent complexion and a natural anti-ageing result, but many treatments are directed at specific skin problems without first considering the underlying skin.

Dr Marks and Dr Clark at SAI have been using the Dermapen 3 to achieve superb Skin Rejuvenation results on patients who require it as a stand-alone treatment. More recently though they have been finding massive benefit of including Dermapen 3 as part of any ongoing anti ageing treatment protocol.

Why Dermapen 3?

Dermapen 3 is globally heralded as the gold standard protocol in microneedling treatments. The updated Dermapen 3 offers doctors more control and improved accuracy in both needling depth and speed. Ultimately this means less downtime and faster final results for the patient.

The process of achieving magnificent skin rejuvenation results is by initiated by natural healing stimulation. Your skin has an ability to repair itself when placed under the stress of microneedling. These pinhole punctures cause the body to flood the treatment area with collagen, elastin and fibroblasts. These are the very essence of young, plump and bright skin and it is their absence that makes one visibly age. This healing cascade speeds up recovery and ultimately recreates a youthful homeostatic skin appearance and results in a bright complexion, plus improved skin structure.

The simple act of skin rejuvenation will help minimize skin ageing but the improved skin structure will equally:

  • Erase wrinkles
  • Minimise scars
  • Remove skin lesions
  • Achieve a bright complexion


Add the crossover
Of course the Demapen 3 has all the result driven ability to act as a stand-alone treatment but the power is in the ultimate prize; that of a complete and thorough anti-ageing protocol. Imagine the results if you could undergo a revitalizing treatment that minimises most of your visible aesthetic needs by simply restoring skin structure to its youthful and original state. Then once complete you could then tackle more pressing anti-ageing concerns with specific treatments including Restylane Dermal Fillers or Botulinum Toxin to match skin type and desired results. This is essentially what the Dermapen 3 brings to the SAI patient.

A solid skin foundation is the perfect blank canvas to begin your anti-ageing work from. Make sure to speak with either Dr Clark or Dr Marks about including Dermapen 3 into your next anti ageing treatment protocol. You will not be disappointment in the results, and more so you will be exceptionally surprised at your final aesthetic results.

Call SAI today: 011 883 3116 (Sandton) or 012 460 7047 (Waterkloof) to find out the exact details and how to book your next treatment.

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