The Bridal Glow

| November 30, 2017

A treatment designed to have you looking your glowing best

Are you preparing for an important event?

We have many requests from brides-to-be wishing to look their absolute & glowing best for their big day, so we developed a skin treatment to suit any skin-type, with zero downtime, that will allow anyone at short-notice to simply radiate with beauty.

We called it the Bridal Glow but the treatment has been used for any number of special occasions & more often than not this protocol has saved an event for someone incredibly busy in the build-up who cannot find time for multiple treatments.

What is the Bridal Glow?

The Bridal Glow is a treatment that incorporates three-treatments in a single session with the purpose to create deep skin hydration & a glowing complexion.

We know that a deeply hydrated skin improves cellular activity & creates a skin platform for younger & more supple skin… but there’s more.

Chemical Peels: the key to the Bridal Glow is that each treatment is individualised & it starts with selecting the correct chemical peel for your skin-type, skin-tone & the level of pigmentation. We do not want your skin to physically peel so we select a superficial chemical peel that will accelerate exfoliation, eradicate surface pigmentation & create a platform for maximum absorption of the following treatments.

Mesotherapy: as with chemical peels our team at SAI will select a vitamin cocktail specifically for your skin. Evaluation is key to ensure that your skin is receiving all the nutrients it needs to stimulate Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid & Elastin induction. The multiple injection process of mesotherapy creates a healing cascade that floods the skin with collagen & the vitamin cocktail provides nutrients at a cellular level to ensure the process produces maximum anti-ageing & complexion results.

DermaPen HA Mask: to soothe the injection & chemical peel site but also to deliver Hyaluronic Acid (HA) deep into the dermis. The previous treatments create a direct pathway for HA molecules to penetrate into the deep cellular structures. This deep hydration creates a moisture in the skin similar to that of youth & helps maintain results for months to come.

In combination, your skin will simply glow with the most incredible even complexion – ideal for those photographs.

A single treatment session is all you need but we do always recommend a series of treatments if time allows. Can you imagine the results following three treatments?

Other treatments that combine will with the Bridal Glow include IV Skin Brightening & Laser Hair Removal: both are often requested to ensure the big day goes smoothly – importantly both can be done within the same treatment booking.

Did you know: the Bridal Glow protocol is on special offer throughout December 2017? Read about our special offers.

If you have any questions or would like to book your Bridal Glow treatments with Dr Clark or one of the trained therapists simply call SAI Sandton now on 011 883 3116. Remember to check our opening & closing dates to ensure that you get the treatment your skin deserves.

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