The Beeline to Bikini Body Curves

| January 27, 2020

Reach your Body Goals!

Enjoying our bodies can be a little tricky if we feel self-conscious…

Considering what swimsuit to wear can often lead to angst and heart palpations as we reconsider just how confident we feel baring skin and shape. Suddenly those niggling concerns may seem to be daunting hurdles to taking pleasure in the warm weather.

If you have yet to reach your Body Goals, SAI can help. We want you to enjoy yourself, so we have designed our February Specials to offer lovely Bikini Body confidence!

Start Where you Are Now

Taking care of your body’s health is the perfect launching pad for reaching your aesthetics goals.

Regular physical exercise and a healthy diet are two fundamentals that both go a long way toward optimizing the way you look and feel. Be careful not to underestimate them!

Alongside these, next-up are rejuvenating Body Treatments. An appropriate, well-chosen treatment can diminish body anxiety, and give one’s confidence the benefit of a boost! A positive Body Image lends itself to one actively enjoying the body as well as taking care of it.

Getting to the Body you want!

Achieving a Bikini Body that you feel great about means enjoying both how you feel and how you look!

If you aren’t there yet, take action now with a little help from your professional team at SAI.

Let us assist you with these safe, effective, non-invasive, non-surgical treatments that have a significant positive impact with no downtime required!

  • Your Rand goes further with SAI’s budget saving Specials! Visit our Specials Page!

4 Beauty Treatments for a Beautiful Bikini Body!

  • Body Shaping – Innovative applied science in the form of Velashape III is the assistive technology of choice for body sculpting! Rejuvenate and tighten skin, decrease stubborn fat, reduce cellulite, and firm up with comfortable in-clinic treatments. Velashape III’s secret is the utilization of infrared light, radio frequency, gentle massage and controlled suction in synergy. The procedure stimulates blood flow and collagen production to improve skin tone and body contouring results.
  • Cellulite Treatments – Target hard to get rid of cellulite with success by using either Mesotherapy or VelaShape III. VelaShape III will subject specific problem regions to directed heat to diminish fat cells. Mesotherapy Mesotherapy employs individually formulated serums to both breakdown unwanted fat and build up healthy, well-functioning skin layers from the inside out. Both treatments’ ability to improve skin texture comes from boosting the internal skin matrix. Stronger skin structures within equals diminished dimpling.
  • Stretch Marks Removal – Enjoy unblemished skin with the aid of non-invasive laser treatment(s). The  Palomar factional non-ablative laser relies on a powerfully directed specific wavelength of light to treat stretch marks. A stretch mark is actually a breakdown in skin structure seen on the surface. By focused activation and controlled deployment of the Healing Cascade this gold standard laser treatment stimulates collagen production inside the dermal layers. Stretch marks fade as the laser breaks up scar tissue allowing healthy and repaired skin to takes its place.
  • Hair Removal – Take unwanted body hair off the to-worry about list! Be comfortable to wear what you want – with laser hair removal for the bikini line and underarms – On Special in February 2020. Laser used for hair removal is advanced, effective, safe, and pain-free!  IPL targets hair follicles and relieves them of their capacity to make hair. Several treatments ensure that all follicles are treated and hair growth ceases. Trash the disposable razor, don’t fear the painful wax, and don’t fret about stubble or razor burn ever again. Slip into your bikini with ease and confidence with no forethought necessary. The best part is that  Laser Hair Removal is forever!

Loving You

Book an Appointment and bask in confidence. Benefit from renewing Body Treatments Specials this month at SAI that include:

  • Laser Hair Removal – Book 7-treatment Bikini package & receive 50% off an Underarm package.

Confident with your body shape and appearance but looking for a quick personalized anti-ageing treatment? Discovering the best Lip Shape for your facial features can be game-changer. Find out your ideal lip shape here.

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