The always-on skin ally: Chemical Peels

| January 1, 2020

In a world where almost everything is poised to be an enemy of skin, the skin needs an ally… SAI nominates the Chemical Peel for this indispensable role.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are a classic non-surgical in-clinic treatment boasting impressive skin resurfacing results. Used correctly they boost the appearance of clear, bright and even-surfaced skin.

Chemical Peels are not what they used to be!

Chemical Peels have evolved. Modern Peels are more advanced, considerably more controllable, and perform different actions from when they first hit the aesthetic scene in the nineties. This is excellent news for Clients, as it means that Peels are more comfortable to receive, post-peel flare-ups are lessened, and results are optimized.

Mechanism of Action

When a Chemical peel is applied to skin a chemical reaction occurs. This triggers a chain reaction that begins on the outer dermis. The outermost layer of cells is removed, and new living cells are triggered to rise and take their predecessors’ places. Internal structures are also positively impacted through the controlled activation of the Healing Cascade. This stimulates production of essential skin building blocks such as Collagen to create firmer and stronger skin.

Peels are easily personalized to target direct needs and concerns, skin type and tone, and other various individual requirements.

Chemical Peels & Skin; The Perfect Pairing

Chemical Peels can rejuvenate the appearance of skin through their application.

  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles
  • Build Collagen
  • Improve tone
  • Increase radiance
  • Lighten undereye circles
  • Infuse skin with ingredients required for optimal cellular functioning
  • Stop breakouts
  • Control and reverse Melasma
  • Diminish scarring and discolouration

Additional Benefits provide by Chemical Peels

  • Effectiveness of additional Aesthetic Treatments is enhanced as skin is functioning optimally on a cellular level.
  • Skincare serums and products penetrate deeper due to dead/stagnate cells being removed and no longer acting as a barrier.
  • Considered low risk as Chemical Peels can be uniquely formulated on an individual basis.
  • Positively affect and lessen acne breakouts while treating existing acne scars effectively.
  • Personalize with a fully customizable Chemical Peel

 Peel to Perfection

The luxury of Chemical Peels is their affordability and versatility making them budget-friendly and accessible. Chemical Peels range in strength and their ingredients will depend on what is being targeted. Some provide almost immediate results where others will require more time. Work with Dr Clark & the SAI Skin Therapists to strike the ideal balance between immediate outcomes and allowable downtime needed – that will suit your lifestyle.

  • A superficial peel is applied for less time than a more intensive option and thus comes with minimal peeling and minimal downtime.
  • Medium to Deep penetrating peels will require longer downtime as they exfoliate deeper within skin layers. Downtime is necessary, however, their results are substantial.

 *SAI recommends regularly scheduled ongoing superficial peels for excellent results that build on each other, can be budgeted appropriately for, and deliver flawless skin naturally.

New Year = New You

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A Complete Approach to Beauty: other always-on options

Achieving anti-ageing goals is best approached with a strategy. Natural results without sacrificing calender days or social events to downtime – can be obtained via a treatment matrix. Schedule a consultation to include a Free Visa™ Skin Assessment and your SAI Skin Therapist will create a blueprint for your 2020 anti-ageing and beauty protocols. 2020 Sorted!

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