The Allure of Lashes

| Dec 12, 2016

Our long love affair with lashes is not new, only the products used to create the appearance we desire are! Our fascination with lashes is well documented in history books and art.

It starts with Egypt’s men and women who both highlighted their lashes. It carries on to the fashion of removing eyelashes in the Middle-Ages. Continuing on as potions and dye used to enhance and colour were created hundreds of years ago. Evolving into the massive variety of mascara, eye crèmes, and curlers employed today.

The Importance of Lashes


Eyelashes play an important biological function of keeping our eyes free of debris and regulating moisture and airflow. They also serve as sensors that alert us when something gets too close to our delicate eyes.


Eyelashes ought to be seen as an instrumental aspect of creating a pleasing aesthetic.

Don’t be tempted to overlook them as their contribution to beauty is not to be under-estimated. Eyes command attention and are often a first aesthetic element noticed. Eyelashes draw attention to our eyes which we use to communicate and express emotion with.

Eyelashes frame our eyes, and can help to make them one of our most striking features. Full, healthy eye lashes gild our eyes perfectly and add towards creating a beautiful portrait.

Achieving the Effect

From Kohl to burnt cork, individuals seeking ideal eyelashes have tried countless concoctions. Some of which were even severely toxic! Thankfully science has been at work and we now have a range of ways to impact our look.


Safe and Effective is Possible

Some of the products touted to assist in achieving the desired look, must be viewed cautiously by the consumer. Ingredients vary greatly and some may contain harsh or even unsafe chemicals, especially in cheap or dubiously supplied products. These substances can cause damage to the sensitive eye area. Side effects include a darkening of skin pigment, hair growth in unwanted areas, and/or possible eye infections that could lead to vision loss.

Even some cosmetic giants include active ingredients such as prostaglandin which may cause dark spots to appear on the eye’s iris.

For the sake of your health and safety it is important to know what ingredients are in the products you purchase and to source products from reputable and trusted health professionals.

Safe and effective products do exist to assist in achieving the lovely, alluring lashes you wish for.

Lashes to Love

In SAI’s quest to provide first class products to our discerning clients, we are pleased to bring you XXtralash.

XXtralash is a premium formula that avoids any dangerous or harsh compounds (including prostaglandin). It is prepared from only natural, safe, and effective ingredients that are proven to stimulate eyelash growth. As a bonus, XXtralash also works to repair existing eyelash damage as well as nourish and strengthen lashes. It is prescription free and has no negative side effects whatsoever! With active Pro-Biozyme TriPeptide Technology XXtralash builds and beautifies your eyelashes with just two simple applications daily.

If you are feeling lacklustre about your eyelashes, visit SAI’s online store for more on how XXtralash can create long luxurious lashes to enhance your aesthetic look.


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