The 2022 Christmas Wish List

| November 28, 2022

What does your Skin want for Christmas?

The end of the year is fast approaching. Holiday season is peak summertime here in South Africa. What will stave off summer and holiday factors that can damage skin and accelerate visible ageing? From face to toe find our SAI overview of homecare cosmeceuticals and in-clinic treatments that will complete an ideal anti-ageing regiment.

Our Top 5 Picks for Skin Health from SAI’s Premier Range of Cosmeceuticals.

  1. Restoration & Repair – SAI Skin Hydrating Day Repair Cream – Love your skin all day long with daily application of this ultra-restorative and repairing cream. It provides protection for the skin barrier and renewal day in and day out.
  2. A Smooth Surface SAI Skin Resurfacing Lotion – Stimulate cellular turnover with potent exfoliating ingredients including 10% Lactic Acid and 5% Glycolic Acid. This product can bring your best skin forward. It also contains moisturising oils, butters, and Aloe Vera for skin that feels super smooth. This product should be used at night.
  3. Super Nutrients – SAI Clinical Antioxidant Serum – Treat your facial skin to clinically proven active ingredients. The dream team of antioxidants includes Adifyline, Niacinamide, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These free-radical fighters guard against dermal damage that occurs via stress, environmental pollutants, dietary treats, and the like. Perfect for combating holiday season extravagances.
  4. The Gift of MoistureSAI Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum – Enjoy the summer sun without dehydrating. By delivering correctly formulated multi-molecular hyaluronic acid to delicate facial skin, this super serum will penetrate HA into skin layers to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  5. Defence Against Harmful UV Rays SAI’s SPF 50 Facial Sunblock – Prevent photo damage that would otherwise increase and accelerate premature visible ageing. This formula is strong on shielding while being light and water resistant.

The Gift of In-Clinic Treatments

SAI’s closing & opening dates are 16 December 2022 – 2 January 2023 respectively. Please click here to book your appointment.

  1. Restore & Repair In-clinic with IV Skin Hydration – Counteract the hot summer weather that dries out the dermis and the dehydrating effects of high sugar &/ alcoholic beverages.
    IV Skin Hydration provides fast-acting deep internal hydration that works its way from within to the external skin surface. Optimally hydrated skin glows, actively heals, and maintains a healthy skin barrier. IV Skin Hydration treatments include powerful antioxidants and nutrients that maintain healthy cellular function and work to restore and repair. Enjoy a relaxing and calming health treatment that revitalises from the inside out.
  2. Achieve a Smooth Even Tone In-Clinic with a Light Chemical Peel – Assist and prompt fresh new cells coming to the surface. Light Chemical Peels effectively stimulate Cellular Turnover in a gentle manner such that results are near-immediate and without recovery time. The peels clear dead cells and excess sebum and unclog pores to ensure summer sweat doesn’t create blackheads and breakouts. Enjoy radiant skin that can breathe.
  3. Boost Skin Health In-Clinic with Skin Boosters – Skin Boosters are an innovative way to revitalise the skin with HA moisture & collagen induction. They can be a great treatment choice especially for invigorating the thin skin of the decolletage. To learn more about Skin Boosters, please click here.
  4. N/A – No In-Clinic treatment can Substitute use of Sun Block – The truth is that while sun damage can be treated in-clinic, it can only be prevented with a personal commitment. Be mindful to put sunscreen on before going outdoors and save your skin from detrimental sun damage. Put a bottle by the front door (and one by the door to the garden). The sun is the number one cause of accelerated ageing. UV damage is also cumulative which means that as time passes it stacks up to make an even more drastically undesired impact. Invest in quality suncare products today to begin reaping the anti-ageing benefits now and for the future. Thankfully, diverse formulations are available allowing for specific skin qualities, types, and needs to be catered for accordingly. Don’t risk going without; SAI recommends the following products.

SAI’s Top Two Full Body Skin Treatments

  1. Tackle Cellulite with Mesotherapy treatment – Mesotherapy delivers a selection of carefully chosen ingredients directly where needed through precise injections within skin layers. The active ingredients dissolve excess skin-straining fat cells while providing skin structures with assistance. Extra fat is dissolved and removed while fresh collagen and elastin production strengthens the internal skin matrix. To learn more, please click here.

*Mesotherapy is On Special for the month of December 2022 at SAI! See the Cellulite Special here.

  1. Refine your Body Shape – Tone and enhance; with the combination of four distinct treatment modalities in Velashape III. This body sculpting technology includes infrared light, radiofrequency (RF) energy, mechanical massage, and gentle suction to eliminate fat and enhance the quality of skin texture. Velashape can reduce the circumference of thighs and abdomen. It can further assist with upper arms, buttocks, and can even help with loose skin near the neck. It is FDA approved, painless, and a comfortable in-clinic experience.

SAI: Where Skin Dreams Come True

Don’t wait to begin your journey. Book an Appointment today for a free Visia® Skin Analysis and expert assistance for a strategic Aesthetic Medicine plan that will produce the changes you want! Make 2023 your most beautiful year yet!

SAI’s closing & opening dates are 16 December 2022 – 2 January 2023 respectively. Please click here to book your appointment.


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