The 2014 Anti-Ageing Year Ahead

| January 13, 2014

The treatments to watch out for in 2014

Each year brings with it new treatments, buzz words and all new “too good to be true” wrinkle removers. At SAI it is our job to evaluate each potential new treatment for effectiveness and efficacy, with the mind that only proven and trusted treatment options and techniques will be used to safely treat our patients.

It is difficult to know what treatment options will prove themselves too far in advance, so our SAI buzzword list is based on products and treatments that we have found successful at the practice but have not become household names as of yet, and also those of internationally respected doctors.

Yet to become famous… yet!

In 2013 SAI introduced two unique products to the anti-ageing and aesthetic world that will become as regularly used as Botox and Dermal fillers… or at least should be. Both options will suit any anti-ageing enthusiast and has proven results based on clinical data and SAI team member experience.

oxygenetixOxygenetix – this product serves as a breathable foundation that can be applied directly post-procedure. The product can be used daily as a foundation but it was introduced to SAI as a post procedure treatment to ensure you can undergo any treatment, cover the area with Oxygenetix breathable foundation and experience zero social downtime. The joy is that used each day the breathable element makes for a wonderful addition to your homecare regime.

crystalCrystal Tomato – simply put, this pill a day treatment could revolutionize the pigmentation treatment options in the world today. Notoriously difficult to treat pigmentation problems are often treated by symptom and not by the problem. Crystal Tomato changes all that. Skin lightening from colourless carotenoids are proving to be effective, safe and cost effective when considering all pigmenting issues.

restylane_subQRestylane Skin Care – To complete your anti-ageing regime at home and prolong the result should be everyone’s new years resolution. Dr Clark and his team at SAI have huge faith in the Restylane Skin Care range to do just that. The principle idea is that Restylane dermal fillers will soften wrinkles and correct asymmetries from the inside while their homecare range completes the cycle from the outside in.

Dr Clark has huge faith in the Restylane brand. Restylane are specialists in hyaluronic acid, they have unsurpassed clinical data and it is with this scientific approach that they created this small but extremely effective range of homecare products. The range includes nine products:

  • Facial Cleanser
  • Day Cream
  • Day Cream wit SPF15
  • Whitening Day Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Night Serum
  • Eye Serum
  • Recover Cream
  • Hand Cream

Each product is made with specific treatments in mind and Dr Clark would not stock the range if he did not have complete faith that this range will improve the quality of your skin and prolong the result of your SAI aesthetic treatments.  Start your New Year off with a resolution to use Restylane Skin Care.

Buzzwords for 2014

Already proving themselves on the international stage, some procedures will become buzz treatments through 2014, if they are not considered buzz treatments already.

Vampire Facial – using platelet rich plasma to rejuvenate you skin means a natural harnessing of stem cells to effectively reverse visible signs of ageing. Kim Kardashian famously underwent this procedure, which resulted in some negative press, but times have advanced since then to make for a single session skin rejuvenation option with little pain and minimal downtime (none if you are using Oxygenetix).

The Vampire Facial is a process whereby your own blood is treated and re-injected for a 100% natural and holistic anti-ageing and skin healing procedure. The process has been used for many years to treat sports injuries, but the benefits have only recently been discovered to affect and heal the inured or aged skin.

Facial Volumising – the concept of augmenting the face using non-surgical aesthetic medicine is not new, but through 2013 the concept, based on new products and techniques, became a viable option when compared with facelift surgery. Dr Clark is at the forefront of volumising techniques and has been practicing midface augmentations for many years. This concept advancement means noses, chins, jawlines and cheeks can all be moulded without minimal downtime. You can achieve your ideal features without the hassle and expense of surgery.

Subcision – this is perhaps the newest of the potential buzzwords for 2014, but it is a technique that can be used across the board in anti-aging but has deep roots in both acne scar treatment and also hair replacement therapy.
Subcision is a specific technique whereby a needle is used to disturb and break scar tissue responsible for irregular skin defects, as in the case with acne scars, and simultaneously inject suitable substances to correct the defect.

Subcision has been studied and proven to work effectively on most kinds of scars and during hair loss therapies.

To speak with Dr Clark about undergoing a Liquid Facelift, or the benefits of the advancements of Dermal Fillers call SAI now 011 883 3116.

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