Teosyal RHA1 Skin Recovery

| Jan 10, 2017

Teosyal RHA1 for post-holiday skin perfection

Just because the appearance of your sunburn has past, doesn’t mean the damaging effects have stopped. The same rings true for a host of other over-indulgences that we turn a blind eye to when on holiday: Slacking on your exercise regime, a poor diet etc. will impact negatively on your skin, so too that extra glass of wine or those New Year’s Eve Shooters.

We at SAI do not want you to stop living and believe in holistic health for a balanced life and that includes having fun without being inflexible; but now we need to fix the consequences of indulgent-holiday-living before it completely ruins what integral skin-matrix you have left.

Teosyal halts holiday skin damage in its tracks. Rehydrate & stimulate collagen synthesis for a youthful plump skin & glowing complexion.

What is Teosyal RHA1?

Teosyal RHA1 is a skin rejuvenation product whereby Dr Marks & Dr Clark from SAI injects micro-droplets of cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (HA) into the skin. Teosyal RHA1 is possibly the globes leading brand of HA for this type of treatment with the purpose to not only improve skin hydration but also preserve existing skin softness & elasticity.

How is the treatment performed?

Using incredibly thin gauge needles either Dr Clark or Dr Marks will make multiple injections into the target area. This is most often the face but the treatment works magnificently well in the décolletage, on the neck & on the back of the hands too.

Injection technique is of incredible importance & only the more experienced doctors should undertake a treatment of Teosyal RHA1: This is not due to risk to the patient but if the product is placed too superficially the longevity of the treatment is reduced & will not offer the full treatment effect as it is intended.

Both Dr Clark & Dr Marks have held positions of international trainers for global HA brands so there are no such worries at SAI.

The simple act of injection will flood the treatment area with collagen through activation of the healing cascade process while the perfectly placed Teosyal RHA1 product will create a hydration layer deep within the skin. This effectively re-establishes a healthy skin environment & halts damage caused by the holidays.

Once final treatment results are visible from Teosyal RHA1 protocol it will allow both Dr Marks & Dr Clark an opportunity to reverse any long-standing skin damage using a healthy & hydrated skin as a perfect platform.


SAI Recommendation

It is always wise to book a Teosyal RHA1 treatment & consultation together. Every client would benefit from at least a single Teosyal RHA1 treatment, but let the team at SAI offer your skin a full assessment for the perfect start to the New Year. A single treatment will offer superb results but often it is required that a series of treatments would work best to re-establish a youthful hydration level, after which yearly maintenance treatments would suffice.

Remember, the perfect art is created on a perfect canvas. Your skin is the same, and Teosyal RHA1 now offers a proven & safe step to create the ultimate anti-ageing canvas.

Call SAI Sandton: 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof: 012 460 7047, to make your Teosyal RHA1 appointment today. Remember, Teosyal RHA1 is also on special for the month of January 2017.

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