Sunscreen tips : better safe than sorry!

| Dec 15, 2014

As skincare and anti-ageing experts we firmly believe that preventing Sun damage is by far the most important step to keep your skin in optimal condition in the long run. Have you read our two previous blog posts on the new Heliocare products that we stock at SAI? If not, make sure to have a look at Heliocare Airgel Fluid and Heliocare Fluid Cream

Summer in South Africa can cause havoc on one’s skin and going the extra mile to protect our health, is a philosophy we should all live by.

What are your tips when it comes to skin protection? Do you have a favourite Sunscreen brand? We thought we would share some of our tips and advice to stay on the safe side this Summer and enjoy the holidays without suffering the consequences associated with careless Sun exposure.

We hope you enjoy this article, remember that if you would like to know more about the products we stock at SAI or simply want to inquire about the treatments we offer, do not hesitate to call our rooms on 011 883 3116


HC3As much as we like to insist on the importance of Sunscreen, we also want to remind you that Sunscreen should, after all, remain a useful adjunction to other Sun protection measures such as Sunglasses, hat, and Sun-suits for the little ones. Sunscreen is great but the truth is that we sometimes forget it or do not use enough or it ends up rubbing off on a towel or being removed when we go into the water.

So this Summer, remember to wear a hat and good quality Sunglasses that will protect your eyes and scalp (which we often forget to protect with Sunscreen anyway).

  1. 2.       Apply Sunscreen BEFORE getting dressed

This is a great tip because we are more likely to miss a spot when applying Sunscreen while trying to work around our clothes. Remember that the recommended amount of Sunscreen for your body is the equivalent of a shot glass -and a teaspoon for the face.


This is something not many of us know – but SPF actually needs at least 20 minutes to sink into the skin before it can adequately protect it from the UV rays. This means that your skin will only start receiving maximum protection only after the first half hour post Sunscreen application.


It is a good idea to add Sun protecting supplements to your daily skincare routine in order to reinforce your skin’s ability to defend itself against the Sun rays. As you know, we are huge Heliocare fans here at SAI and we highly recommend the Heliocare Dietary Supplement for the Skin which will boost your protection. Its key ingredient, the Polypodiumleucotomos, is a fern extract which effectively helps guard skin from UV damage and even decreases redness after Sun exposure. Simple take the recommended dose every morning but please do keep in mind that you still have to wear plenty of Sunscreen.

  1. 5.       Makeup will not protect your skin against the Sun

When applying makeup, many women would rather skip the Sun protection part of their skincare routine simply because their moisturizer or foundation mentions that it contains SPF. Our advice is: do not be fooled: Your skin needs Sunscreen more than it needs foundation or powder and the SPF in cosmetics is usually too weak to protect your skin adequately, especially in countries like South Africa where the Sun is so powerful.

  1. 6.       If it is too old, get rid of it!

We all have that leftover bottle of Sunscreen lurking in a bathroom cupboard, but using a fresh, new Sunscreen is very important! You may not know this but what happens in old Sunscreens is that the key, active ingredients lose their potency so make sure to check the expiry date.

  1. 7.       Give the eye area extra care.

As you probably know, the skin around the eyes is very thin and fragile and is also one of the first to show signs of ageing. When you apply Sunscreen, do not avoid the eye area even though it can sometimes burn a little. Gently apply Sunscreen around your eyes (do not rub roughly!) and make sure to wear good quality Sunglasses for extra protection.

What did you think of these tips? We hope that you learn a thing or two on how to protect your skin this Summer. What are you all up to during the holiday? Whatever you will be doing, take good care of yourself and those around you and have fun!


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