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| October 3, 2016

Spring is here and is ushering us back into the sunshine!  Enjoy the pleasant sensation of sunlight on your face and the warming temperatures.

Enjoy the sunshine guilt-free by actively caring for your skin.

Exposure to sunshine without adequate skincare protection can result in damage to your skin and health, so be mindful. It is important to be educated on the healthy and unhealthy aspects of sunshine so we can protect our skin from premature aging and other ill-effects caused by failing to protect ourselves sufficiently.

Sunlight is composed of three light spectrums of which two reach our skin; these are UVA and UVB rays.

UVA rays are capable of penetrating further into our skin layers causing long-term negative effects which often go unseen and untreated until they have developed into potentially serious problems. UVB rays are associated with the visible effects on the uppermost layer of skin and are the type of rays commonly associated with sunburn. Both UVA and UVB vary in intensity based on geographic location and time of day. Over exposure to either type of rays can cause wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, and in some cases skin cancer.

Comprehensive sun protection is a must to provide a defense against both UVA and UVB rays.

Sunlight’s affect on skin pigment

When the rays of the sun reach our skin they activate cells named melanocytes. These cells are responsible for the complex process of melanin creation and synthesis. Melanin is what makes our skin pigment colour. Different genetics and available levels of Melanin are what create differences in skin colour. Sun exposure increases melanin production which results in a darkening skin colour.

Sun Damage

Sunburns can be a very painful expression of damaged cells which are inflamed. Severe sunburns can result in serious complications and health risks!

Sunlight’s affect on the creation of vitamin D

Sunrays also trigger the natural production of Vitamin D within our bodies which is a positive effect. As natural sources of this vitamin are scarce, exposing our skin to sunlight is a main way of ensuring we produce this valuable vitamin. 

Caution still needs to be exercised so that we do not cause harmful damage to our skin whilst seeking vitamin D synthesis. Crystal Tomato does not interfere with Vitamin D production which is an additional health benefit it provides.


Unique Sun Protection

Crystal Tomato offers a distinctive form of sun protection because it works to protect your skin from the inside instead of other types of sunscreens which are applied topically. The colourless carotenoids contained inside the daily supplement have the ability to absorb UVA and UVB rays, thus it is a form of sun-damage-preventative skincare. It can also prevent you from having to slather on greasy, acne provoking, sun crèmes!

Research shows that it can offers up to a 25-30% SPF level of sun protection which may be sufficient depending on your level of sun exposure. Crystal Tomato also offers anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which increase your body’s capabilities to counteract the negative effects of over exposure to the sun.

These carotenoids also naturally interrupt melanin synthesis. This means the process of creating skin pigmentation is disrupted which can help avoid it from darkening as result of sun exposure. This consequently provides some protection against the formation of sunspots and freckles.

Consider Crystal Tomato as part of your plan this spring and summer to prevent unintended consequences of over-exposure. Protect your and your skin’s health!

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