Summer Skin Do’s & Don’ts

| Oct 6, 2015

Get the best from your skin this summer

October is still officially spring, but that does not mean it does not feel like summer, nor does it mean that we can stop caring about our sun protection… equally importantly though October is the time to prepare for summer. Once you are in the heat and sunshine it’s too late to start considering your beach/holiday skin. This is your fast guide to treatments that achieve results in quick time and also a few that you should perhaps postpone until the cooler autumn.

Things to consider

Summer is all about strappy dresses, low cut necklines and breaking free of the winter claustrophobic wardrobe.
Of course we also want to spend our hard-earned money on treatments that really work or are ideally suited for the conditions you are in. It is funny that not many people consider things like décolletage in the summer, when it is most visible or even what a treatment with more downtime can feel like when one is trapped indoors recovering.

Summer do’s

Laser hair removal

hairremovalLaser hair removal at SAI can be done quickly, painlessly and with no downtime. Many women want to feel sexy on the beach but then hate shaving their legs or bikini line. A few simple treatments will resolve these issues quickly and effectively and with no downtime you can undergo a treatment and spend the next few days on the beach.

Skin lifting

velasmoothVelaShape III at SAI offers patients a zero downtime treatment offer that results in cellulite reduction, fat reduction & skin lifting. This not only translates to looking great in your bathing suit but the treatment also applies to other areas of visible age: a neck lift is a fantastic anti-ageing solution offered as a non-invasive option that is ideal for summer.

A single treatment with VelaShape III is all it takes to see visible results, and if you have time add a few more sessions for ever improving aesthetic results.

Skin Boosters

matrixWe all think that Skin Boosters are superb for improving winter hydration, and they are, but patients often overlook their importance in the summer time. Sun exposure hastens skin dehydration, which of course can lead to wrinkles. By introducing Skin Boosters we create a Hydrobalance in the skin using stabilised hyaluronic acid.

A single session will refresh your skin and create a youthful glow but we do recommend two or three sessions per area for ultimate and long-term results.

Use this treatment protocol on your cleavage or neck for complete confidence in your bikini this year.

Reconsider in summer

This is not a “don’t do” list, but more a “understand the limitations” list. These treatments are prefect for summer, but may require more patient discipline than in winter.

Chemical peels

Chemical Peel SpecialsSuperficial chemical peels are perfectly fine for summer; it is the deeper penetrating peels that may keep you indoors. You skin is sensitive to sun damage and pigmentation damage if overexposed to the sun directly after a deep peel. Chemical peels are fantastic for eradicating wrinkles and creating a uniform and even skin tone, and are welcome additions to any aesthetic regime.

Just please note that you will be asked to remain out of the sun for a few days post peel to ensure fantastic results.

Vampire facial

plasmaThe vampire facial is without doubt the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatment in the world right now. Why? Because it uses ones own plasma to ensure safety & state of the art technique to stimulate collagen & elastin production. So why then the drawback?

The vampire facial does require some social downtime. We find that patients find it difficult with the sun shining and everyone enjoying outdoor lunches at roadside café’s to maintain a recovery protocol. Every patient would benefit massively from undergoing a Vampire facial, it is the challenge of recovery that makes it a treatment to think carefully about.

Today we want fast, easy and predictable results. At SAI we are open and honest about those treatments that will give you most bang for your buck, but also the treatment protocol a level deeper than “This is the treatment we can give you” to a “This is the treatment that will give you the result you need when & how you need it”.

Make an Appointment

For open and honest anti-ageing advice speak to Dr Clark or Dr Marks at SAI today. They have a significant treatment & product range to achieve your desired results no matter the weather, conditions or urgency. Call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047 today.


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