Spring skin homecare

| September 1, 2016

Skin rejuvenation starts at home

Spring has sprung, and for many of us the first warm rays in August had us looking at our skin & wondering about Skin Rejuvenation & our Body Shape for the summer holidays. They are just around the corner now. Now it is September and with a little luck the last of the cold-fronts will miss us but that still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thinking about our skin and its recovery from the harsh, dry Highveld winter.

The excellent news is that you can start your skin recovery at home. We at SAI have formulated our own unique homecare range packed with active ingredients to offer your skin everything it needs. And now we have formulated a five-step, three-week action plan to ensure you maximise our SAI homecare range to kick-start your skin this spring.

The Daily Recipe:

Step 1:

Wake up & start the day with the SAI Alpha/Beta Cleanser. Designed to be a little more aggressive than the AHA Cleanser the result will be to rid your skin of long dead skin cells. Breaking through the dull complexion that winter has left is the first step. Should you find that a week or 10 days of the Alpha/Beta Cleanser is sufficient, feel free to swop to the AHA Cleanser but make sure that you are working with fresh new skin before you do so.

Step 2:

Apply your Hydrating Day Cream – the velvety finish & glow this cream will leave on your face will carry you throughout the day. After your cleanser you want to ensure that you are giving your skin the most luxurious nutrients to hydrate from deep within the cellular layers. If you do feel it necessary, and this may only be necessary in the first few days of this skin rejuvenation homecare plan, please reapply at lunch. Reintroducing hydration balance to your skin is of utmost importance to begin reversing the winter damage.

Step 3:

Apply the SAI SPF 50 Sunblock. After using the Alpha/Beta Cleanser you skin might be sensitive, especially to sunlight, so please do not forget this step. Applying sunblock should be part of everyone’s daily routine irrespective of the time of year or time of day. Ensure that you reapply consistently throughout the day to keep the harsh sun and the damage it causes at bay. It is our SAI recommendation that you continue this SPF trend every day, year-in & year-out.

Step 4:

Before bed take 5-minutes to cleanse the day away using the SAI AHA Cleanser. This is a gentle cleanser and perfect for removing make-up while still activating your skin in preparation for the Rich Night Repair Cream.

Step 5:

Apply a thin layer of Rich Night Repair Cream before bed. This cream won’t leave residue on your pillow and being packed with active ingredients will offer all your skin needs during the evening hours. You want a night cream that will help repair barrier function and restore hydration lost in daily activities and with our SAI Rich Night Repair Cream you have it.


Game-Changer, sorted! The perfect skin rejuvenation homecare regime to get your skin back up & functioning the way you wish it always would. The joy here is that if you should find yourself lacking in an area, you can simply book an appointment and let Dr Marks or Dr Clark treat the specific area you are concerned with, your skin will be perfectly suited to ensure magnificent results.

You can purchase your skincare online via the SAI website or simply make an appointment with Dr Clark or Dr Marks call SAI Sandton: 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof: 012 460 7047.

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